It looks like they’re really keeping things in the family on Ugly Betty these days.  Following the casting of Becki Newton‘s brother as Marc’s new romantic interest Troy comes this one.  Vanessa Williams’ sibling, Chris Williams, has been pulled in by the powers that be to play Wilhelmina’s twin.

Before you raise your eyebrows and wonder what the writers are doing introducing some long-lost sibling to the story, let us explain.  Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly revealed that Williams (the male one) will be portraying a drag queen version of our very own Mode diva.

A source from the show said that on a future episode airing early next year, Wilhelmina gets a tip that someone’s been impersonating her for some time now.  In a far-off drag club, a man named Wilhediva Hater lurks and his existence infuriates the heck out of Willy.

She tries to stop him at first, until her inherent manipulative ways kick in and she realizes she could use him.  Wilhelmina then employs Wilhediva to attend meetings and events for her, fooling everyone in sight.

The source goes on to spill, “The two end up working together.”  Well, wouldn’t that be an impressive surprise come 2010?  Two Wilhelminas; can Betty and the gang handle all that?

So we welcome Chris Williams then, in addition to our obligatory background check.  Some of the actor’s TV work includes roles in 24, CSI: Miami and notably Californication, where he played Todd Carr.  He was also on Curb Your Enthusiasm as the Krazee-Eyez Killa, for which the episode won an Emmy.  In films, he’s played Dwight on Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Now he’s heading to Ugly Betty and working side by side with his sister, Vanessa Williams.  Surely even we’d like to take a peek at what goes on behind-the-scenes with these two.  But with his role as Wilhediva Hater, we can simply expect more comedy from the return of the series, and we’re fine with that.

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Maria Gonzalez

Staff Writer, BuddyTV