'Big Brother 11' Recap: Star Wars - Episode I: The Russell Menace (Page 2/3)
'Big Brother 11' Recap: Star Wars - Episode I: The Russell Menace (Page 2/3)
Queen Jordan-dala might rule Naboo, but clearly part of her royal training wasn't math.  The girl has no idea how to tell time and she doesn't know what a quarter of an hour is.
Casey-bacca and General Chima-us form an uneasy alliance to celebrate their reward of watching the Katherine Heigl film The Ugly Truth.  Even a droid like Chima-us can't resist the mighty 300 abs of Gerard Butler.
For the PoV competition, Darth Ronnie chooses his lord and master, Emperor Russell-tine.  Princess Laura gets another jock with Natalie Fett.  Meanwhile, Jeff Solo gets lucky and is joined by his best friend in the whole wide universe, Casey-bacca.

Power of Veto - Episode II: Attack of the Coins

There are piles of money on the ground, and in each round, the contestants have two minutes to collect a certain amount of money.  The person farthest from the real value is eliminated, and the winner has the choice to take a special mystery gift prize, but by doing so, you eliminate yourself.

Round 1: $100 in Quarters
Natalie Fett might be good at collecting bounties, but not at money as she's off by more than $460.  Luckily Darth Ronnie either threw the competition or he's a total moron, because he has more than $500 off and is eliminated while Jeff Solo wins.

Round 2: $75 in Dimes
Laura is a greedy, spoiled princess who takes way too much money and loses.  For the second round in a row, the dashing Jeff Solo is victorious.

Round 3: $40 in Nickels
Casey-bacca is one bad Wookie as he gets eliminated, and Natalie Fett wins for the first time and, since bounty hunters are always out for herself, she takes a mystery bag and gets a Slop Pass.

Round 4: $10 in Pennies
It's good vs. evil, Emperor Russell-tine vs. Jeff Solo, Shotgun vs. Tecnotronics.  The Dark Side collects $8.59 while the Force gets $10.97.

Good triumphs over evil, and Jeff Solo wins the Power of Veto!

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