During her time on So You Think You Can Dance Randi Evans wowed the judges with her power, perseverance, her booty, and bubbly personality. Though she became the 6th girl to be eliminated from the competition last night, you couldn’t tell that from the her positive attitude and audible smile. This afternoon, Randi took the time to chat with SYTYCD press about her time on the show, her dance challenged Hubby, and what dance she hopes you’ll be seeing her perform on tour.

Here are the highlights of the chat:

On what made her partnering with Evan so magical and the difficulty of switching partners:

It’s almost like the it factor, I don’t know what it was with Evan, we just hit it off right at the beginning. With Evan, I’m not sure what it was, it just happened. I feel like I was used to working with Evan and when we switched partners we just didn’t have enough time, but you know, it is what it is. And Kupono’s a great guy and we really did put ourselves out there and did what we could, unfortunately it wasn’t the best number of the night.

On which of her dances she hopes to perform on So You Think You Can Dance Tour:

I would love to do the number we did the first week, our jazz number. I absolutely loved. I also loved our Mia Michaels dance, our Butt Dance, as I guess it’s called. I would like the opportunity to do that over.

On her most memorable moment of So You Think You Can Dance:

I think, one of, was probably when they announced that  I made the show. I’d been trying to make the show for three years now, so when they finally told me that I did,  it was unforgettable. But it’s hard to pick out just one moment, it’s a collaboration of many moments put together that has made this experience unforgettable.

On being In the bottom two and her elimination:

Well, I honestly, it wasn’t that big of a surprise. Because I kind of had a feeling that I would be. Just because the numbers the previous night had been so great. I don’t know the girls I was competing against, look at em, they were so amazing. So really someone had to go, and I feel like I had a really good run. It wasn’t really sad I was just more, content. I gave it all I had and gave a good run.

Regarding her unfortunate wig:

It was hard. It wasn’t just the wig. It was the whole persona you needed to embody with  the whole dance. I was supposed to be a gypsy. So yeah, it was definitely hard. It wasn’t my choice to wear the wig. When I kind of of got some crap for me I was like, “it wasn’t me who chose it.” But I did the best with what I was given.

On how she kept her positive attitude in spite of facing elimination:

I think it’s the fact that I know I’ve made tour, so that’s something to look forward to. I look at the other contestants on the show and they’re all amazing, so for me to get as far as I did, I’m very content with. It’s not sad, I don’t feel sad. I feel lucky to have gotten as far as I did. And I’m on tour and then tour with amazing people.

Why you won’t be seeing her husband on So You Think You Can Dance:

My husband couldn’t be more in the opposite spectrum of a dancer.  My husband can’t even keep a beat. I never have taken him out dancing before. i should make him take salsa lessons or something before. He would, but he’d probably be stepping on his own feet and mine at the same time.

When she’s not on the dance floor, you’ll find Randi:

I am a huge outdoor junkie, because I live really close to the mountains and the lake and i love to do anything out door. Me and my husband have four wheelers and we go to the sand dunes all the time. I’m definitely more of the rough, go camping kind of girl.

Randi’s advice for fellow dancers pursuing their dream:

 Perseverance pays off more than you know. Just to never give up. And if you want it enough, you will get it. It’s inevitable.

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Abbey Simmons

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