Big Brother 9: Crazy James and Gay Porn
Big Brother 9: Crazy James and Gay Porn
Big Brother 9 is full of colorful characters, larger-than-life personalities, the kind of people who have no problem being filmed 24 hours a day.  It turns out that Crazy James (or, James Zinkand) is probably the most out-there contestant on the show.  His backstory is crazy enough.  Before being on the show, James was homeless, traveling around the world on his bike with only $1,00 to his name.  He had been down to Argentina, where he worked as a mannequin dresser.  He has the pink mohawk hair and, as live feed watchers know, is somewhat of a willing exhibitionist.  Thanks to our friends at RealityBBQ, we've uncovered another significant piece of James' past: James Zinkand has dabbled in the world of gay porn.  That's right, gay porn.

If you want all the details, you can find them elsewhere.  This is a family website.  But, just know this – his dalliance in the world of gay porn was not of the soft-core variety and there are videos to prove it (I saw the links, but dared not go near them).  This brings up a number of questions: Did CBS know about James' past?  Is James actually gay, thus making his participation as part of a Big Brother 9 couple disingenuous?  Does any of this matter? 

According to an interview with one of James porn co-stars (and drag queen) James said that he was planning on traveling the world on his bike and he was going to fund it through gay porn.  Though I suppose drag queens aren't the most reliable source of information, this has to be the most likely reason for James to enter the porn world – some quick cash.  But, wouldn't any rationale person do a few weeks of normal work (say, in a restaurant) instead of one day of soul-crushing porn?  Usually, I'll chalk up willing porn involvement with desperation or deep-seeded emotional issues, but it doesn't seem like James has either of these problems.  Just judging by the pictures of his family from last night's episode (one picture can't tell you everything, but still...) his family seemed normal enough.  And, just watching this first part of the Big Brother season, James seems like a reasonable person.  I wouldn't have pegged him for gay porn is what I'm saying. 

I'm not overly concerned with whether or not this news means that James is gay.  We saw him make moves on Chelsia last night, though it might be possible that he's just putting on a show for America.  It's also been revealed that James has previously appeared on two MTV reality series - Parental Control and Next.  Maybe he's just obsessed with receiving attention, which could also partially explain the porn.  The thing that baffles me a little bit is that CBS should have been able to dig up James' past in gay porn.  It certainly didn't take RealityBBQ long to find this out.  If CBS did know, wouldn't they have taken James out of the running for a spot on Big Brother?  Maybe they just liked James so much that they decided to ignore the porn. 

This is kind of insane, isn't it?  You can excuse a lot of a person's past behavior to someone's “craziness” but I don't think gay porn is one of those things.  That's not something that an extreme extrovert like James would do just because.  Maybe he was just desperate for the cash and thought no one would find out.  Or, maybe he's actually gay (though, still, it's not like gay people are more susceptible to the charms of the porn industry).  Regardless, this much is true: James Zinkand is the first Big Brother contestant to have done something more demeaning than merely appearing on Big Brother, and that's saying something. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: RealityBBQ
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