Exciting news for Bones and Deschanel fans! Zooey Deschanel, Emily’s talented and equally adorable sister will finally be answering our prayers and guest starring along side her big sister. Emily has long hoped her sister would someday join her as a guest star on Bones, and it looks like she’s finally getting her wish.

David Boreanaz spilled the news to E! Online saying, “I do know that Emily’s sister is going to be on the next episode, which is exciting.” Considering even the talented writers at Bones couldn’t write away the sister’s familial similarities, Zooey will be playing Temperance Brennan’s cousin. According to Boreanaz, “I think she’s going to play Emily’s cousin. It’s a whole relationship thing that’s going on now with us and it continues to grow and grow and get crazy.”

As a Bones and Zooey fan I can’t wait to see her step into The Jeffersonian and to see the sister’s interact together. Hopefully Zooey won’t be playing the role of man-eating cousin, now that we have a chance at Booth and Bones, the only thing that would make me hate a Zooey guest appearance is if she ruins that chance. On the other hand, at least Booth would finally make out with a Deschanel sister outside of a coma induced dream.

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV