If there’s anyone who’s an expert on what men want, it’s got to be Hugh Hefner.  While I, being a pseudo-advocate for women’s rights, have little respect for the guy, what he’s doing this Halloween is actually pretty admirable.  For his October 31st party this year, the Girls Next Door millionaire will be helping and honoring those who’ve served the country.

The Playboy mogul has reportedly allowed the Wounded Warrior Project to become the party’s beneficiary for the occasion, FOX News reports.  Raising funds has always been a staple of Hefner’s career, and he’s finally using that for the better.

Over 40 soldiers will be in attendance, with Hef granting them free entry to his mansion on that night.  Joining them are, surely, several Hollywood stars and numerous women in costumes.  Hef’s blondetourage will also be around as well.

Tickets to the highly anticipated Halloween bash start off at $1,000, and for VIPs it’s around $15,000.  The report goes on to say that the earnings will be given as aid to wounded veterans.

“Hef was kind enough to let the Wounded Warrior Project be a beneficiary on Halloween,” said Jose Dominguez, Executive Director of the Halloween 2009 bash.  “Proceeds will help severely wounded veterans that have recently served in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Dominguez continued to sing the praises of the Playboy mansion, and of Hugh Hefner, of course.  “Halloween is the most sought-after night at the Mansion so it was a good opportunity to support our veterans and enjoy a great party at the same time.”

It certainly seems as though Hugh Hefner is doing his part to lend a much-needed helping hand.  The Playboy Halloween party is one of those events that celebrities just can’t miss, which is definitely good news for those fallen soldiers.  Reality TV and fame-hunger aside, it’s great to hear Hef’s doing whatever he can for these guys.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: FOX News
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Maria Gonzalez

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