According to multiple sources, it doesn’t look like we’ll be catching a glimpse of “Yellowstone” season 5 anytime soon. Delays look to be inevitable at this point after a recent interview with Yellowstone star, Gil Birmingham.

Birmingham told E! News, “We haven’t even gotten the scripts yet.”

Hopefully, this changes real soon, or we can expect more bad news to follow.

His “Under the Banner of Heaven” co-star, Andrew Garfield, had this to say about Birmingham’s upcoming role in “Yellowstone” season 5.

“I know he’s about to do the next season,” Garfield said, “but he’s not allowed to speak. On pain of death, he will not reveal anything about the new season.”

Paramount has already delayed releases of “Yellowstone” in the past due to scheduling changes. In fact, Paramount pushed back the premiere for season 4 of “Yellowstone” to November 2021. Therefore, fans shouldn’t be surprised by this troubling announcement. 

Yellowstone Season 5 Filming

On the other hand, new sources have reported that casting for extras has already started.

Paramount told Deadline that filming is supposed to commence in May (maybe they meant the end of the month) and run through November.

Time will tell if the “Yellowstone” director and Paramount keep their plans on schedule.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for shows like “Yellowstone,” check out our link below.

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Hopefully, our next announcement won’t be so drab for fans.

About Yellowstone

Yellowstone season 5 will most likely focus on the continuing struggle of the Dutton family to protect their ranch and way of life from those who would do them harm. The patriarch, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), is a man who will stop at nothing to defend his land and his family. He is a tough and ruthless man, but he also has a deep love for his land and the wildlife that inhabits it.

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