“All Rise,” is an American courtroom drama focusing on both the personal and professional lives of the judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and other legal professionals who work at the L.A. County courthouse. At the show’s center is Judge Lola Carmichael, a former deputy district attorney newly appointed to the bench.

The show ran for two seasons on CBS, until it was canceled in May 2021. A few months later, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) revived the show, and a third season is set to air in June of 2022.

This article will share everything you need to know about the show and its cast of characters. 

Main Characters of “All Rise”

This legal drama is known for its strong ensemble and many interesting characters. Whether you’ve been a fan of the show since it first aired or are just starting to watch “All Rise,” here is what to know about the main characters in the TV series:

Judge Lola Carmichael:

Judge Lola Carmichael in All Rise

Played by Simone Missick, this new judge was a highly renowned prosecutor before joining the Los Angeles County Superior Court. She’s idealistic and committed to doing what’s right, no matter what. She displays a passion for bringing justice and making a difference in the lives of anyone who sets foot in her courtroom. She’s also the wife of  FBI agent Robin Taylor, and the two have a new baby together. During Season two, she presides over a high-profile murder case where the mayor’s son as they key suspect. After some concerns, she ultimately sentences him to 11 years in prison, earning an enemy in the mayor, who promises he’ll do everything to take away her seat.

Deputy District Attorney Mark Callan:

Deputy District Attorney Mark Callan in All Rise

Played by Wilson Bethel, this prosecutor is Judge Carmichael’s best friend. He’s in a relationship with Amy Quinn, a tough defense lawyer. The two met in the courtroom, and their relationship has developed since the show’s pilot. They became engaged during the last episode of the second season. He also pursued a high-profile case against the L.A. Sheriff’s Office members for a wrongful shooting, putting his life and career in danger.

Emily Lopez:

Emily Lopez in All Rise

Portrayed by Jessica Camacho, this public defender previously went by the last name Lopez-Batista. During the series, she decides to divorce her abusive husband. She dated another man, Luke Watkins, a bailiff in Judge Carmichael’s courtroom. The two hit a speed bump, breaking up briefly, but got back together. She also questioned whether being a public defender was the right career path during season two. In the finale, she leaves Los Angeles to visit family in Puerto Rico and figure out what she wants to do with her life.

Deputy Sheriff Luke Watkins:

Deputy Sheriff Luke Watkins in All Rise

Played by J. Alex Brinson, this bailiff in Judge Carmichael’s courtroom is attending law school and dreams of leaving the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department to become an attorney at the start of the series. He goes on to become a clerk in the district attorney’s office. In the show’s pilot episode, Watkins brings down an unstable bailiff threatening everyone in the courtroom. In the season two finale, he interviews for a position in the D.A.’s office but turns it down to become a public defender. His relationship with Emily Lopez is a storyline in Season two.

Sherri Kansky:

Sherri Kansky in All Rise

Portrayed by Ruthie Ann Miles, this experienced judge’s assistant is assigned to work with Judge Carmichael. They have a difficult relationship at first but warm up to each other over time. Kansky is known for being strict and following all the rules — that she reminds the new judge of frequently. She eventually explains to Carmichael why she’s so by the books: her parents, who struggled with money, sometimes took advantage of her financially.

Sara Castillo:

Sara Castillo in All Rise

Played by Tony Award-winning Broadway actor Lindsay Mendez, this court reporter is a good friend of Emily Lopez. The fun character is known for bringing some comedy to the courtroom. She’s also sometimes insecure in her place in the courtroom and uncertain about how to interact with the judges, attorneys, and public defenders. Her confidence grows as the series goes on.

Judge Lisa Benner:

Judge Lisa Benner in All Rise

Played by Marg Helgenberger, Benner serves as a supervisory judge in the House of Justice. In this role, the veteran judge oversees all judges, keeping them in line and offering advice, especially to newer judges like Carmichael. She serves as a mentor to Carmichael.

Amy Quinn:

Amy Quinn in All Rise

Played by Lindsey Gort, this no-nonsense criminal defense attorney isn’t afraid to go head-to-head with Mark Callan and others from the D.A.’s office. She and Callan have an especially complicated relationship that’s often contentious and filled with banter. She started the series as a recurring character in season one and became a show regular in season two when she started dating Callan. The two became engaged in the season two finale.

Samantha Powell:

Samantha Powell in All Rise

Portrayed by Audrey Corsa, this ambitious law clerk with the D.A.’s office was bumped up to a series regular in season two after playing a recurring character in the show’s first season. She is known for her confidence, intelligence, and determination. Her primary goal is to become a valuable member of the D.A.’s team. She works with Callan and Watkins.

Thomas Choi:

Thomas Choi in All Rise

Played by Reggie Lee, Choi is the head deputy district attorney and Mark Callan’s boss. He’s known for being strict but fair, and he and Callan don’t always see eye to eye on things.

Recurring Characters of “All Rise”

As a stellar ensemble show, “All Rise” also has a lengthy number of recurring characters, including the following:

  • Deputy District Attorney Clayton Berger: Played by Mitch Silpa, this tough, adversarial prosecutor often clashes with Judge Carmichael.
  • Vic Callan: Mark Callan’s father is also a small-time bookie, Portrayed by Tony Denison. The two don’t always get along.
  • Judge Jonas Laski: Played by Paul McCrane, this conservative judge has earned the nickname “Punisher” for his rulings.
  • Deputy District Attorney Maggie Palmer: Played by Suzanne Cryer, Palmer is a former colleague of Judge Carmichael. The DDA has accused the new judge of bias.
  • Robin Taylor: Judge Carmichael’s husband was played by two actors — Todd Williams in seasons one and two and Christian Keyes in the season three reboot on OWN. Taylor is an FBI agent.
  • Kevin Harris: Played by Joe Williamson, this Los Angeles police detective is the romantic interest of the judge’s assistant Sherri Kansky.
  • Judge Albert Campbell: Played by Peter MacNicol, Campbell is a colleague of Judge Carmichael’s.
  • Rachel Audubon: Portrayed by Ryan Michelle Bathe, Audubon is a longtime friend of Judge Carmichael, having attended Howard University with her. She’s known as a powerhouse attorney who works in civil litigation and criminal law, which is rare. She’s also close friends with Mark Callan. The attorney launched her own firm in L.A., Audubon, and Associates.
  • Judge Abigail Delgado: Played by Patricia Rae, Delgado is another judge who works closely with Judge Carmichael.
  • Roxy Robinson: Portrayed by L. Scott Caldwell, Robinson is Judge Carmichael’s mother.
  • Charles Carmichael: Played by Brent Jennings, this is Judge Carmichael’s father.
  • Ben Benner: Portrayed by Bret Harrison, Benner is Judge Benner’s son — dating Sara Castillo.
  • Vanessa “Ness” Johnson: Played by Samantha Shalim Ortiz, Judge Carmichael’s new law clerk first appears in season two.
  • Joaquin Luna: Played by Shalim Ortiz, Luna is the love interest of Emily Lopez, a photographer, and a political activist. 

Where Can You Watch “All Rise?”

If you want to rewatch “All Rise” before the third season starts — or want to check it out for the first time — there are several places where it’s available for streaming.

You can stream the series via Hulu Plus or HBO Max. Viewers can also buy or rent both seasons of “All Rise” through Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Vudu.

Has “All Rise” Been Canceled?

There was plenty of drama behind the scenes on the show “All Rise.” The series creator and executive producer, Greg Spottiswood, was fired over misconduct allegations in the spring of 2021. He was accused of unprofessional conduct in the show’s writers’ room, allegedly using offensive and racially insensitive language when working with the cast and crew.

Not long after this, the TV series was canceled by CBS in May 2021. Despite its cancellation, this wasn’t the end of the “All Rise” series.

The show was resurrected in late summer of 2021 after Discovery, the parent company of the Oprah Winfrey Network, announced a merger with Warner Bros. This resulted in OWN reviving the legal drama, which is owned by Warner Bros., for a third season.

“I could not imagine a better partner for ‘All Rise’ than the OWN network. It is a platform that consistently exalts the stories told by women and people of color, showcasing our humanity and our humor, our pain, and our pride. I look forward to digging deeper, to mining the complicated relationships that we all have with the criminal justice system and furthering these conversations on-screen and off with our loyal ‘Risers,’” said actress Simone Missick, who plays Judge Lola Carmichael.

When is Season 3 of “All Rise” Coming Out?

The fan-favorite show’s third season will air on OWN starting in June of 2022. An exact season three premiere date hasn’t been set yet.

The show’s supporters will be excited to learn that all prominent cast members are back to revive their beloved characters. The show’s producers promise that it will tackle many real-world issues, as previous seasons did when incorporating the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter into storylines. Producer Dee Harris-Lawrence, the new showrunner, says the new season will see a serial killer investigation and court case — and a courtroom discussion on consent.

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