If you’re a fan of “Yellowstone,” then you’re in for a treat. There are plenty of other great shows out there that are just like it. Here are 10 of the best tv shows like “Yellowstone.”

Yellowstone is a modern-day Western following the Dutton family, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. Led by John Dutton, the family fights to protect their land from those who wish to take it for themselves. The series features breathtaking vistas and intense dramatic moments, making it a must-see for fans of the Western genre.

1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad” is a show about a man named Walter White who turns to cooking meth in order to make money for his family after he’s diagnosed with cancer. “Yellowstone” is a show about a wealthy rancher named John Dutton who fights to protect his land from developers.

Both shows are set in the American Southwest, and both feature characters who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. “Breaking Bad” is darker and more intense than “Yellowstone,” but both shows are well-written and engrossing. If you’re looking for a new show like “Yellowstone” to watch, you can’t go wrong with “Breaking Bad.”

2. The Wire

The Wire” is like “Yellowstone” in a few ways. Both shows feature large ensemble casts, with each character having their own unique backstory and motivations.

Additionally, both “The Wire” and “Yellowstone” are set in areas that are struggling economically, which adds an extra layer of tension to the proceedings.

Finally, while “The Wire” is primarily a drama, it also has elements of crime and thriller, while “Yellowstone” is primarily a western but also has elements of drama and crime. As a result, fans of either show should definitely check out the other.

3. Deadwood

Deadwood” is a lot like “Yellowstone”, except set in the 1800s. Both shows are about the American West, and both feature characters who are struggling to maintain their way of life in the face of changing times.

“Deadwood” is a bit grittier than “Yellowstone”, with more violence and cursing, but both shows are equally engaging.

“Yellowstone” is probably a bit more accessible to newer viewers, as it doesn’t require knowledge of the historical context, but “Deadwood” is definitely worth watching if you’re interested in the time period. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy these excellent dramas.

4. Justified

Justified” is a lot like “Yellowstone” in that they’re both about complicated men trying to maintain order in their respective worlds.

In “Yellowstone,” John Dutton is the patriarch of a powerful ranching family, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his land.  In “Justified,” Raylan Givens is a lawman who often has to operate outside the law to get the job done.

Both men are haunted by their pasts and driven by a need for vengeance. They’re also fiercely loyal to the people they care about, even if it means sacrificing everything. “Yellowstone” and “Justified” are both gritty, action-packed dramas with complex characters and plenty of twists and turns. If you can’t get enough of “Yellowstone,” then you’re sure to love “Justified.”

5. Banshee

“Banshee” is a lot like “Yellowstone” in that it’s a gritty, action-packed show set in the Wild West. Both shows feature strong male protagonists who are struggling to keep their respective families together in the face of danger and violence. “Banshee” is particularly similar to “Yellowstone” in its depiction of the Native American experience.

Both shows portray the Native American characters as complex, three-dimensional people, and both deal with the issues of racism and exploitation that have long plagued this community. “Banshee” also shares “Yellowstone’s” sense of style, with both shows making great use of music and visual effects to create an immersive and atmospheric experience.

6. Longmire

“Longmire” and “Yellowstone” are two popular TV shows that share some similarities. Both shows are set in the American West and focus on law enforcement in rural areas.

“Longmire” follows the sheriff of a small town in Wyoming, while “Yellowstone” follows the members of a powerful ranching family in Montana. Both shows feature strong female characters and complex plotlines. And both have been praised for their realistic portrayals of life in the American West.

While “Longmire” and “Yellowstone” share some similarities, they are also two very different shows. “Longmire” is a slower-paced mystery drama, while “Yellowstone” is a fast-paced action thriller. “Longmire” is more focused on the characters and their relationships, while “Yellowstone” is more focused on the plot.

7. Damages

“Yellowstone” and “Damages” have a lot in common. Both are about the struggles of powerful men to keep their families intact while also dealing with outside threats.

In “Yellowstone,” the Dutton family faces off against developers who want to build a casino on their land. In “Damages,” lawyer Patty Hewes is up against a corrupt CEO who is trying to destroy her reputation.

Both shows are full of drama, and both have strong performances from their leading ladies: Kelly Reilly in “Yellowstone” and Glenn Close in “Damages.” If you’re a fan of one, you’re sure to enjoy the other.

8. Bloodline

“Bloodline” is a great show for fans of “Yellowstone.” Both shows follow the trials and tribulations of a wealthy family with a complicated past. Both shows also have complex characters with a lot of baggage. 

“Bloodline” is set in Florida, while “Yellowstone” is set in Montana, but both shows capture the beauty of their respective settings.

If you’re looking for a drama-filled show with plenty of twists and turns, then “Bloodline” is definitely worth checking out.

9. The Shield

The Shield” is a lot like “Yellowstone” in that it’s a gritty, realistic portrayal of life in the modern American West. Both shows feature strong central characters who are struggling to maintain their way of life in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

“The Shield” focuses on a group of inner-city police officers who are constantly under siege from both gangs and the corrupt system that they’ve sworn to protect. “Yellowstone” tells the story of a wealthy rancher who is battling developers, environmentalists, and his own dysfunctional family.

Both shows are dark and suspenseful, but ultimately offer a vision of hope and resilience.

10. Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy” is a lot like “Yellowstone” in that it’s a show about a family-run business. In “Sons of Anarchy,” the family business is a motorcycle club, and in “Yellowstone,” the family business is a ranch. Both shows are set in rural areas, and both families are extremely tight-knit.

However, “Sons of Anarchy” is much more violent than “Yellowstone.” While “Yellowstone” does have its fair share of violence, it’s nothing compared to the bloodshed in “Sons of Anarchy.”

Nevertheless, both shows are excellent examples of family dramas, and they’re both definitely worth watching.

If you’re a fan of westerns, then you’ll definitely enjoy these 10 tv shows similar to “Yellowstone.” From gritty dramas to fast-paced thrillers, there’s something on this list for everyone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some great TV.

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