Considering all the good-looking actors on TV these days, it’s hard to come up with a list of TV’s sexiest stars of the year. However, the honor is always in the bag for Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The two lead stars of Supernatural have managed to be on our hottest year-end list for several years now and with pretty good reason.

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles easily made Supernatural viewers fall in love with him as Dean Winchester, the dark, brooding, and kick-ass hunter who saves lives and hunt things that go bump in the night. Not only did he kill Death and get rid of the Mark of Cain this year, he also made out with God’s little sister. Indeed saving the world never looked so sexy. 

Jared Padalecki

Being infected with a mysterious virus, reuniting with your imaginary childhood friend, and having visions of The Cage that holds Michael and Lucifer doesn’t exactly spell sexy but Jared Padalecki did a fine job making Sam Winchester hot as hell. He’s got muscles, flowing locks, and more importantly brains. Though he’s made many questionable decisions this year, Sam never gave up on his brother and has embraced the hunter’s life more than ever.


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Dean Bextor

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