Seeking revenge is the name of the game this season on American Horror Story: Hotel. It seems all of the characters have set out plans to get what they think they deserve in life, or rather, the after-life. In “She Gets Revenge,” Liz and Iris make a pact to set things right. Alex and John reunite and try to fix Alex’s little mishap with her vampire children. And Donovan seeks to continue his plan of ruining the Countess, despite his undying love for her.

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Ending It All

As Liz Taylor explains, the hotel has become a place for many things — drug dealers, affairs and ending it all. After an elderly couple commit suicide together, Liz tells Iris that she’s jealous. She’s convinced she has nothing left to live for after Tristan’s death, and she’s pretty much dead in the Countess’ eyes. As she picks up a gun to kill herself, Iris stops her and warns her that if she has unfinished business, she’ll end up at the hotel forever, which she knows she doesn’t want.

Liz explains that all her loose ends are tied up, except her relationship with her son. Iris says once that is repaired, she’ll end her life too so they can both be free. Miss Evers calls Liz’s son, Douglas, to get him to the hotel. When he arrives, he goes for a drink at the bar. He and Liz have a great time, but Liz never tells him that she’s his father.

As Iris and Liz get ready to kill themselves, Miss Evers tells Liz that Douglas is looking for her. Once she heads down to the bar, Douglas tells Liz he knows she’s his father. He says he is ready to have a relationship with Liz now.

Liz later tells Iris she doesn’t want to kill herself, and that both should live to take over the hotel. She says they are both entitled to second chances, and that the best is yet to come.

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Fixing Things

After another killing spree, John tells March he wants to see Alex. They reunite and discuss their horrible parenting skills, as neither has seen Scarlet for a while. Alex tells John that she’s in deep trouble with the Countess after turning her child patient. John offers his help, and they head to the kid’s house to collect all of the children.

After a brief attack, the pair manages to bring the children back to the hotel, where they put them in the vault with Romona. I can only imagine those kids are just going to be food for Romona.

John and Alex bond some more, and despite Sally begging John to stay with her, John and Alex collect Holden from the game room and attempt to leave the hotel for what I can only assume is a better life. Though how you can have two vampires and a serial killer out in the real world is beyond me. But I guess everyone deserves a second chance?

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Loves Lost

Meanwhile, the Countess and Donovan seem to be carrying out their plans, but on their own agendas. Originally, Donovan was set to kill the Countess. Then it seemed he was working with her to get revenge on those who have wronged her. But now, it seems he was never on her side. As the Countess kills Natasha as she planned, Donovan heads to the motel to kill Valentino.

The Countess has a brief run-in with her latest husband Drake, after killing him. He tells her he figured out her plan, but she can’t touch his money. But she has other plans as the legal guardian of his son, who is the sole heir to Drake’s fortune.

Later over dinner, the Countess tells Donovan about her day and asks him to clear out Drake’s body from the vault. But before he heads in, he tells her that she should probably check up on Valentino. She finds Valentino’s dead body and is furious with Donovan.

Donovan waits for the Countess to return, in the hopes that she’ll kill him, as he says the only way to truly love her is to be killed by her. As they argue, though, Iris and Liz burst in guns blazing.

Who Deserves Happiness?

I hope that Iris and Liz kill Donovan and the Countess. And I hope they take over the hotel. The two deserve it after being treated like crap after all these years. But since we don’t actually see either get shot, we’ll have to wait and see who survives.

I do have to wonder, though, was the Countess sending Donovan into the vault to trap him, or did she really want him to just clean up after her? Everyone seems to have their own agenda, but can’t seem to move forward. I guess that’s the point of the hotel. People get stuck there in the after-life because they have unfinished business.

And I’m pretty much over John and Alex. I find it fascinating that John is the 10 Commandments killer and pretty much has a five-year gap in memory, but the whole on-again-off-again thing he has with Alex is frustrating. And I can’t help but wonder if either has their own agenda to get revenge somehow on each other.

American Horror Story: Hotel will return on Jan. 6, 2016 at 10pm on FX.

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