There are many unsung heroes on TV. A lot of shows focus on maybe three or four main characters, but there are a lot of “smaller” characters who are the actual reason that we bother to tune in. What would How I Met Your Mother have been without Neil Patrick Harris’ legendary Barney Stinson? Or Home Improvement without Wilson? From Supernatural to Bones, here are seven minor TV characters who we love to watch steal the show.

1. Gabriel, Supernatural

Gabriel Minor Characters.jpg In the early seasons of Supernatural, The Trickster episodes were always huge fan-favorites. Pranking between the Winchesters was a great comedic relief in the show and we loved seeing Sam and Dean trying to one-up each other. The Trickster was always one step ahead of both of them in this game. When we found out the Trickster was actually the archangel Gabriel, it made him that much greater. Not only was he the complete opposite of every angel we had met (in a good way), but he now had actual value in the show. Any time we know Gabriel is in an episode of Supernatural, we can pretty much guarantee that it’ll be full of hilarious hijinks.

2. Dr. Clark Edison, Bones

Dr. Clark Minor Characters.jpg Clark was first hired by the Jeffersonian after Zack Addy left for Iraq. He didn’t stick around for very long in that stint, as Zack returned later in Clark’s first episode to retake his position. However, Clark’s return as defense scientific counsel in the murder trial of Dr. Brennan’s father, Max Keenan, proved his worth on the show. Clark’s presence is pretty sporadic throughout Bones, but whenever he is there, the show gets an extra dose of swagger. Clark is brilliant and meticulous in his work, but full of hilarity too. When Dr. Brennan needed a replacement in season 8, there was no one we’d rather see fill those shoes than Clark.

3. Mona Vanderwaal, Pretty Little Liars

Mona Minor Characters.jpg Mona started out on PLL as the seemingly ditzy, but bitter girl who became friends with Hanna after Ali’s disappearance. We later found out that she was the original A, and knew much more than we gave her credit for. Though her A-reign ended, Mona’s mischief never stopped. She always comes in at the last minute to give the Liars some much-needed help and insight, with a side order of sass. No one has ever really been a step ahead of Mona Vanderwaal.

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4. Grant Anderson, Criminal Minds

Grant Anderson Minor Characters.jpg Anderson is a lot more than just a pretty face. I mean, yes, we love seeing that stud traipse around in his suit and tie, but this agent kicks some serious ass too. On a show chock-full of recurring characters, Anderson is really an underappreciated and underrated one. He does everything asked of him and is one of the most standup agents that the show has. The others seem to take for granted all the leg work Anderson does that helps them crack the case.

5. Grumpy, Once Upon a Time

Grumpy Minor Characters.jpg Grumpy has got to be one of the most entertaining things about Once Upon a Time. His perspective on everything that happens is the only one you want to hear because it’s layered with sarcasm and annoyance. He simply can’t stand the ineptitude of his peers and has no problem letting them know that. Pretty much every hilarious quote you can think of from OUAT is probably from Grumpy.

6. Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow/The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow

Malcolm Merlyn Minor Characters.jpg Malcolm Merlyn’s role in Arrow was loved so much by fans that actor John Barrowman was even able to work out a series regular role across The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow as well. This isn’t surprising, as scenes with Malcolm in Arrow are easily some of the strongest. Malcolm’s always got something up his sleeve and his questionable allegiance makes him one of the most captivating characters to watch. This really makes him one of the best villains on TV too.

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7. Mrs. Finch, Teen Wolf

Mrs Finch Minor Characters.jpg Mrs. Finch is ruthless. This teacher has high standards, and we love watching her cut off anyone who doesn’t meet them. She doesn’t have a warm personality at all, but it’s how cold she can be that makes her so fun to watch. There’s nothing better than a character who openly calls out the annoying mannerisms of some of the main characters, which we can always count on Mrs. Finch to do. Though she is so frank and demanding, she’s not a one-layered character. She gives praise when it’s earned and even lets out a slight smirk once in a while. We definitely need to see some more of her before the series finishes.

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Kartik Chainani

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