While fans were teased with a proposal last season on NCIS: Los Angeles, an official one is coming in season 8 for Kensi and Deeks — and that’s not all, as BuddyTV found out from Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah when the stars previewed what’s coming for their characters and their relationship, the ongoing mole storyline and more.

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Watch the video interview with Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah:

Here are the highlights:

  • “They said that we were going to” get the “Deeks, M.” episode this season, Olsen shared.
  • Since the show isn’t writing Ruah’s pregnancy in, they had to come up with a way to deal with it, so she and Olsen shot eight episodes of an arc for their characters. “It’s the greatest thing that ever happened to Kensi and Deeks because this is a storyline that never would have happened without that. After eight years, we’re getting the proposal that fans have been waiting for,” Olsen previewed, adding that a sound guy came up to him after one of the days of “all these amazing and fantastic, dramatic, and funny scenes” and said he cried three times that day.
  • Ruah agreed that the “life-altering condition” is the best thing to happen to these characters. After eight years, they always try and search for things to keep the audience and actors interested, and this was a perfectly-timed thing, a “huge event that creates a series of events after that that are really important to these characters to get over, to deal with.”
  • This happens very early on in the season and will “inevitably” change the whole team’s dynamic. They all live for the job and when one member is out of the game for a little while, it affects everyone else.
  • Olsen would love to see Ray again because that’s part of a great storyline and an interesting part of Deeks’ life he doesn’t know how to contextually compartmentalize.
  • Deeks’ mother and Kensi’s mother will be back.
  • The mole storyline is off and running in the premiere. The State Department intervenes and brings in a team to go after everyone and take down the mole. “It gets very real very quickly,” Olsen teased.
  • The first three episodes are like a “freight train,” with the mole as the catalyst.
  • “You’re going to love Granger in the first two episodes more than you’ve ever loved him before. He is the voice of the audience as all this stuff goes down,” Olsen shared. He steps in and defends the team.
  • Olsen doesn’t know if we’ll see that NCIS application again, but this was the season that Deeks was supposed to go back to the LAPD for something. With Ruah’s pregnancy, however, he doesn’t know what the plan is for that. There are, after all, unresolved issues there.
  • Ruah talked about how important it was for Jack and Kensi and for Deeks to have that closure with Jack in “Come Back.” Instead of being the jealous boyfriend, Deeks gave Kensi the space to get the closure she needed. Erin Broadhurst wrote that episode and was good about not playing the easy notes.  
  • What’s in the box? Olsen doesn’t know if we’ll find out.
  • Deeks and Kensi have a new house. It’s “their” house.

NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 premieres Sunday, October 2 at 8pm on CBS.

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