In typical Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead fashion, not much happens — but at the same time, a lot has been explained — in this episode, “Do Not Disturb.” Alicia runs into the hotel manager, Elaina, who explains how her hotel was overrun by the infected. Meanwhile, Chris and Travis run into a couple of Spring Breakers on the road, but can they be trusted?

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Worst Wedding Ever

As we know from previous Fear the Walking Dead episodes, the hotel that Alicia, Madison, Strand and Ofelia stumble upon had been hosting a wedding when something terrible happened. It turns out everything is just lovely when the bride’s parents get wind of the sickness that’s spreading and want to leave as soon as possible. Elaina assures her that they are safe but agrees to get the cars ready for a quick exit. Things rapidly change when the bride’s father has a heart attack on the dance floor, dies and comes back infected and bites his daughter. Elaina and her nephew Hector quickly leave the ballroom and lock everyone inside.

Life on the Road

On the road, Chris and Travis are walking, trying to figure out their next move. They stumble upon a car, and as Travis hot-wires it, Chris heads into a bar he sees down the road. In the bar, there are some water bottles and beans. He shoves them into his backpack, even though he hears people in the kitchen. As the people come out, so do some walkers. Chris kills a few walkers, even one that starts attacking one of the men who came out of the kitchen. He quickly runs away and back to Travis but never tells Travis about the people he encountered.

Travis and Chris drive away. At some point on the road, Travis lets Chris drive until they run out of gas. They set up camp for the night, where they discuss their plans. Travis wants to head up to the mountains, where he thinks they will be safe.

As they discuss their plans, the three men from the bar drive up. Chris and Travis hide for a short amount of time and eventually come out. The “leader” of the group, Brandon, introduces himself and his friends, DerrickĀ and Baby James. He claims that they aren’t there to hurt Travis and Chris, so the five sit down by the campfire to get to know each other. The three men were on Spring Break when the outbreak started, and they are just trying to make their way back to San Diego. Travis bursts their bubble when he informs them that San Diego, as well as a lot of cities, is gone.

His True Colors

Brandon invites Travis and Chris on their road trip until the next town or so. Travis says he’ll think about it. Back at their tent, Chris weighs the pros of going with this new group, while Travis is adamantly against it.

The next day, Travis and Chris agree to go with the group to the next town. Along the way, Chris spots a farm. They stop and investigate. Inside the barn, they find some kitchens. As the four boys try to get a chicken, Travis realizes that someone may still live on the land. And, sure enough, a man comes in with a gun. Travis tries to reason with everyone. The property owner fires off a shot at Baby James. Shortly after, Chris shoots and kills the property owner.

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Checking In or Out

At the hotel, Alicia is trying to figure out a way to get from her room back down to the hotel bar to see if Madison is okay. When she thinks the coast is clear, she ventures into the hallway, but she’s surrounded. She jumps into an elevator shaft. As she’s climbing back up, Elaina shows up and helps her back into the hallway. Elaina immediately asks where Hector is. Of course, Alicia has no clue who Hector is.

Elaina explains to Alicia that there are a few more living hotel guests left, and they want her dead. Alicia convinces her to go back down to the hotel bar to find her mother. First, they contain the walkers into a specific room. Luckily, as soon as the glass on the door breaks, Alicia makes some death-defying feat to the room next door.

In the ballroom, Elaina tells Alicia about the wedding and how she was trying to contain the situation. Alicia assures her that she will be protected if needed. And, sure enough, down by the now closed-off bar area, the bride’s husband and mother come out holding Hector hostage. They want the keys to the hotel from Elaina in exchange for Hector’s life. Eventually, the exchange is made, and Alicia, Elaina and Hector are in the hotel bar with walkers, trying to find Madison. They head down some secret path to get away from the walkers but get trapped. Soon, Madison opens the door everyone is banging on and brings them into the room with Strand.

Where’s Ofelia?

Lots of questions on Fear the Walking Dead. First off, where is Ofelia? The last we saw of her, she wanted to end her life because the world is too hard to bear. But she seems to have vanished somewhere in the hotel.

Second, Chris is obviously a loose cannon. Travis’ attempt to be there for him is backfiring. Despite the alone time he’s spending with him, Chris just wants to fit in and clearly has a killing streak. I can’t tell if it’s good that he is willing to protect himself, his friends and his family so quickly or if he just enjoys the idea of killing, which will lead to a whole set of other problems for Travis.

Third and fourth, how did the wedding guests escape? And how did Madison and Strand escape the bar surrounded by walkers?

I hope these burning questions and more are answered soon on Fear the Walking Dead. I am curious about this new group that Travis and Chris have stumbled upon. And I’m really curious to learn more about Elaina and Hector. How did they survive for so long in the penthouse suite without food, water, etc?

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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