The farewell season of Bones is sure to be full of nostalgia, and with that means the reprisal of lots of familiar faces. To start off, Brennan’s ex Sully will be the first vet to return to the show. Actor Eddie McClintock took to Twitter to share the news that his character is returning to Bones. Find out all the details below.

Read McClintock’s exciting tweet for yourself:

After he lost his partner, FBI agent Sully decided to live his life to the fullest. He became involved with Brennan pretty quickly in season 2 when they were partnered up while Booth was ordered to see a shrink. Sully fell head over heels for Brennan, naming a boat after her and offering to sail the two of them to the Caribbean. After she shot him down, we didn’t hear much about him. It will be interesting to see what Sully’s been up to in those past ten years, and hopefully he found someone to reciprocate his romanticism.

Then again, could Sully’s return be used to stir up some more trouble between Booth and Brennan? We can pretty much bet that the final season will feature some big tests for their relationship, and there’s no better way to test love than with an old flame stirring up the pot. The two are pretty settled at this point, being married with 2 kids, but GameNGuide has reported that writer Jonathan Collier has teased “many, many threads” being tied up in the final episodes.

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Bones‘ final season premieres Thursday, April 14 on FOX.

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