FOX’s newest drama Pitch may be in trouble. Low ratings and an unfavorable time-slot could be a recipe for disaster. However, the Parents Television Council is urging FOX to do something about this. Not known for going out of their way to save a show, the PTC wants FOX to move this drama to a time that will ensure more viewers. Here’s why they’re adamantly fighting to save Pitch and why it’s so important that this show survives.

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Pitch is a sports drama series that follows fictional pitcher Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury)’s career as the first female baseball player in the MLB. The 23-year-old gets scouted from the minor leagues by the San Diego Padres, where she starts her upward battle of a career, being challenged by teammates, managers and the entire world along the way. Along with Kylie Bunbury, the series also stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved by the Bell), Ali Larter (Heroes), Mark Consuelos (American Horror Story) and Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years).

The Parents Television Council

The PTC has been urging FOX to move the series to a different day and time-slot in order to “ensure the show’s success,” says Deadline. They’re also reaching out to advertisers and encouraging them to support the series. “We are urging FOX to ensure that Pitch hits a home run with families by airing it on a different night that doesn’t conflict with other family-oriented sports programming, such as NFL broadcasts,” they said.

“Families are hungry for TV shows that can be enjoyed by, and are safe for, the entire family,” the organization’s president, Tim Winter said. “Pitch is a rare option in the TV universe.” Winter also noted that the show has an “inspirational female lead character” and that his group will “often contact advertisers to warn them of explicit programming, but Pitch gives us a great reason to encourage support for positive programming.”

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So Why Does This Show Matter?

So why is the television watchdog group working so hard to save this show? Is Pitch that interesting of a show that it deserves so much effort to gain it attention? The simple answer is yes. The longer answer is that it isn’t just an interesting show, it’s also a very important one to have on TV in today’s social climate. Here’s why shows like Pitch matter.

Pitch is addressing a social issue that is especially vital to make in today’s society. With the United States currently in the middle of an election with its first female nominee of a major party, a huge call-out in wage and opportunity gaps between genders and so much more, television needs to reflect this message that women are just as capable as men are of doing anything. Gender should not inhibit you. Young women need to see an example of a strong woman holding her own on the same playing field (pun) as men so that they can aspire to do the same. In an interview with BuddyTV, Pitch‘s Meagan Holder (who plays Evelyn Sanders) spoke on this very point:

“You couldn’t have predicted that, but because this [election] is happening at the same time, I think it puts a little more light on our show that it’s possible for women to do something never done before,” she said. “It’s possible for women to enter into a male-dominated arena. For the first time ever, we could potentially have a First Husband, and a woman will be in charge. So it’s just so cool that Pitch is coming around at a time when the world is watching a woman politically do something for the first time ever. So it doesn’t feel that unrealistic, and I think that’s really cool for our show.”

With the TV schedule full of superhero dramas, crime shows and multi-cam sitcoms, a show with a concept like that of Pitch is pretty groundbreaking. The idea may seem ridiculous to some, but that’s the kind of conversation that needs to be had right now. We need shows that spark conversation about social issues, because that’s the only way that we as a society can progress. If Pitch isn’t given a fair chance to survive, it only further illustrates the series’ point that not everyone is getting a fair and equal chance.

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