We got our first blindside on the last episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X and this week it’s our first twist in the game (that is, if you don’t count the Legacy Advantage). Is it already time for a swap or a tribe shake-up or is it something completely different? Let’s find out in “Your Job is Recon.”

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Post-Vote Blues

Adam and Zeke are upset after the vote at Millennial camp. They congratulate Figgy and Taylor for their sly moves, but little do they know that it was really Michelle and Jay pulling the strings. Anyway, Figgy says it’s one of them going home next since they wrote her name down. Okay, Figgy. Well only if your boss Michelle says that’s okay.

Hannah tries to talk to Adam and Zeke about why she switched her vote at the last minute. Zeke asks her politely to give him space, but Hannah doesn’t really know what that means and she keeps pestering them. Every time Zeke asks her to go away, she merely responds by continuing to state her case. It’s really annoying!

She finally goes away long enough for Zeke and Adam to have a moment to themselves. Adam says that playing this game has been his dream his whole life and he’s disappointed, to say the least, that he has to play from the bottom.

At the Gen-X camp, David, CeCe and Ken lament how they’re on the bottom. Ken is especially irritated at Paul, who he says isn’t bringing anything positive to the tribe. David still has a bit of hope because he found an idol, but right now, things aren’t looking so great.

Recon Picnic

Both tribes get tree mail that calls for a summit on a separate island. They each have to draw rocks and four people from each tribe go to the other island for a picnic and some R&R. Will, Taylor, Figgy and Jay are representing the Millennials and Chris, David, CeCe and Paul are the Gen-X ambassadors.

Paul tries to connect with the Millennials during their meal. He says that those young ones will like having an old guy around who is like their dad. But mostly, he’s just irritating David more and more, if that’s even possible.

Figgy and Taylor ask David and CeCe about how things stand on their tribe. At first they’re pretty slick, saying that Paul’s on the top but not giving away much more. But as soon as it’s just David and Taylor alone, David makes a desperate plea. He says that no matter what, he’s willing to flip on his Gen-X tribe mates if necessary. At least he’s talking to Taylor, who may not even realize the value of that information, but David definitely said too much.

Back at the Gen-X camp, Ken tries to pitch the idea of getting rid of Paul to Jessica, whose eyes have slightly improved since we last saw her. Jessica likes Ken and she appreciates that he provides for their tribe, but she feels comfortable in her majority alliance.

Over at Millennial beach, it’s Adam attempting to politic while the Triforce alliance are frolicking in the water. He tells Hannah and Michaela that if they get Figgy out, they can change the climate of the game. He says that now is the time to break up that alliance because they might not have another shot going forward. Michaela admits that she’s considering it, especially because she doesn’t like Figgy at all.

Conquering the Balance Beam

Not only are the Survivors competing for immunity this week, but also a comfort reward, which means hammocks, chairs and pillows. Each tribe has to race over and under obstacles and then have to carry heavy bags of sandbags across a balance beam. Then they have to use sandbags to knock over blocks. Once they’re all knocked over, they have to re-assemble the phrase as a puzzle.

The bags are clearly very heavy and while both tribes zoom through the obstacles, the balance beam isn’t as easy. In the time it takes CeCe to cross, three Millennials move bags across the beams. They’re also utilizing the strategy of letting Taylor go back and bring multiple bags over.

The Millennials have a huge head start, and even though Ken makes a valiant effort knocking over blocks with sandbags, it isn’t enough. Michelle and Zeke barrel through the puzzle to win immunity for the Millennials.

Jay asks Jeff if they can trade in comfort items for fishing gear. Jeff says that the only way he can okay that is if the Gen-X tribe agrees to it. And surprise, surprise, they don’t agree. Michaela says that if they were their parents, they would have wanted them to eat, but they’re probably upset that they keep getting beat by a bunch of kids. Well said Michaela.

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Keeping the Tribe Strong

Chris and Paul agree that it needs to be CeCe that goes home tonight. She’s bad at challenges and she’s not in the majority alliance, so her time is up. Sunday and Jessica agree that they have to keep the team strong.

CeCe is rightfully worried that it’s going to be her. No one will talk to her besides Ken and David and that’s not enough numbers to do anything. They want to target Paul, but it’s a long shot to make anything happen.

Jessica and Sunday talk to Paul about what’s going on. She says that they’re all strong as long as Paul can tell them he doesn’t have sub-alliance with the other guys. Paul tells them of course he doesn’t have a sub-alliance, but if he did, he would just say, “see you later,” to the ladies.

Umm, how does he not know that that’s the wrong thing to say?! Jessica is immediately conspiring with Lucy and Sunday about getting Paul out before he can turn on them.

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Tribal Council

Jeff asks the Gen-X’ers what it was like going to the summit. David said he saw the Millennials as peers and there’s a mutual respect between tribes. He says this experience has been helping him cope with his anxiety and tear down his negative energy.

CeCe says she’s nervous because there’s a 90 percent chance she’s going home tonight. She felt proud to finish her leg of the challenge on the balance beam, but Jeff oh-so-kindly reminds her how long it took. He gives them a hard time about being in Gen-X and only doing things one way while the Millennials do things more efficiently.

After CeCe reveals that there’s an alliance of six and three people on the bottom, Jeff asks Chris how he manages the roles in a majority group that big. Chris says it’s too early for people to be worrying about where they stand in a big alliance.

Paul says that the paranoia among the bottom three must be high, but he’s sitting pretty right now. Jessica hopes that tonight’s vote will make the tribe stronger moving forward.

To the Vote!

Paul, Bret and Chris vote for CeCe. But the women of the majority alliance jump ship and vote with the bottom for Paul. Paul is completely blindsided. Even in his final words, he has no idea what happened or who voted for him. Little does he know that he dug his own grave.

What did you think of the summit? Did the ladies make the right decision voting out Paul? Who will be Gen-X’s new leader?

Coming up: There’s a power shift in the Gen-X tribe.

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