There hasn’t been much change in the Big Brother: Over the Top house since Saturday. HoH Monte, who has taken to wearing a raccoon skin cap because he wasn’t checking off enough southern stereotypes, remains resolute in his plan to evict Jason. It is all but certain that Jason Roy will be on the block and may be sent home in his first-ever week of Big Brother: Over the Top. The point of contention is who Monte will put against Jason.

Most of the main action happened immediately following Monte’s first safety ceremony. Cornbread tried pretty valiantly to convince Monte that Shelby needed to be nominated because she made fun of Cornbread and (jokingly) accused him of not flushing the toilet in the main bathroom. Monte remained pretty confident in his choice, at the time, to nominate Kryssie against Jason.

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Kryssie is sensing her lack of favor with Monte. Very early Sunday morning, Kryssie had a long, tearful discussion with Shane where she talked about her fears of going up on the block. Kryssie seems to think that she will be the target, not Jason. During their tearful game talk session, Shane proved himself to be a decent person in trying to cheer Kryssie up and an absolutely awful liar. He all but confirmed to Kryssie that Monte was planning to nominate her by saying nothing about Monte’s plans.

As a result, Kryssie spent most of her time moping around the Big Brother: Over the Top house being weepy and bitter. It’s starting to even get on her alliance member’s nerves. Shelby told Jason (who is certain that he is the real target) that she thinks Kryssie is trying to gain sympathy votes.

Monte, fearing that his first two picks for pawns (Shelby or Kryssie) would freak out, changed his mind. Shortly before the safety ceremony, Monte told Shane that he is going to put Danielle up as a pawn. Monte, like most of the house, weirdly mistrusts Danielle and was worried about her “exploding.” Monte told Shane that he hopes Shane will be able to “handle” Danielle since they have a quasi-showmance already.

Around 7pm PST, the second safety ceremony began. The rules were exactly the same for the first ceremony. The HoH is locked in their room, the houseguests wear their safety blocks and the HoH makes safety selections for 30 minutes, one by one. 

Monte’s first pick for safety was Justin. His next pick was Alex, followed by Kryssie (she seemed almost disappointed that she was safe), Shelby and Scott.

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Monte nominated Danielle and Jason for eviction!

Jason was obviously expecting it and took it in stride. Danielle seemed genuinely surprised and started crying almost soon as Scott was chosen over her. Thankfully, Monte’s nomination speech was just slightly more bearable and sensible than his safety ceremony speech was. The key word is slightly.

Shortly after the nominations were announced, Neeley went to Danielle. Neeley told Danielle she didn’t expect that another black woman would be in the house and she wants Danielle to succeed. Neeley said that America hardly ever gets to see the good side of black women and she wants both of them to do well in the competition because of it. The whole conversation was extremely heartfelt and emotional. In fact, it might have single-handedly made this whole Over the Top venture worth it.    

Remember, America can vote for the third nominee to be up against Jason and Danielle. America’s nominee will play in the Power of Veto competition on Monday, October 3. 

So who do you want to see up on the block against Danielle and Jason? Do you want Jason or Danielle to go home? Do you think Jason is going to go home? How did you react to Monte’s nominations? Do you think Monte made the right move?

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