More than any show on TV, The Vampire Diaries has no problem killing off its character. We learned that fact early on with the shocking permanent death of Vicki. Now it looks like The Vampire Diaries is at it again.

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According to Kristin at E!Online, the show is going to kill off another character in a very permanent way. Kristin’s source tells her that the death will be for real and that it will result in the actor leaving the show.

We can safely rule out Damon, Stefan and Elena since they’re the core of the show. Since the actor will also go, that means Katherine won’t be the major death either since that wouldn’t result in Dobrev leaving The Vampire Diaries.

As I see it, that leaves nine candidates, any of whom could bite the big one. Here’s my analysis of each possibility, from least likely to most likely.

#9 Bonnie

While she poses the biggest threat to Katherine since she’s a witch, The Vampire Diaries would be much worse off getting rid of one of its supernatural beings. Her magic allows the show to fix any hole or problem whenever they need to (see: Caroline getting a ring to walk in the sunlight), so I doubt they’ll kill her off.

#8 Caroline

I could easily see the show killing off Caroline except for one major problem: they already did it. I’m not talking about her becoming a vampire, I’m talking about the fact that, if Caroline is killed, it will be nearly identical to the Vicki storyline, and The Vampire Diaries is too good to already be repeating stories.

#7 Jeremy

Fans love Jeremy and, like me, they’re excited he’s getting back into the storyline. He’s already had way too many near-death experiences, so it’s unlikely they’ll actually kill him off, but it would certainly have a huge emotional impact.

#6 Sheriff Forbes

I’m not sure if she’s important enough to be killed off, but now that she knows the truth about the Salvatores (even if she does get compelled to forget), there isn’t much more to do with the character.

#5 Alaric

The vampire hunter has no problem facing danger, which could easily get him killed. I can’t think of a good reason not to kill him off other than the fact that fans wouldn’t like it at all.

#4 Matt

This season Matt has been relatively useless and since he’s nearly the only major character who doesn’t know anything about witches, werewolves and vampires, losing him wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

#3 Tyler

Tyler has the big story arc right now, which is a lot like when Vicki became the star just before she was killed. Also, it’s easy to imagine that Tyler might sacrifice himself to avoid the possibility of killing someone and turning into a werewolf.

#2 Mason

Once Katherine gets the moonstone he has no real purpose on the show, which makes him the perfect target for being killed off. I also don’t see him ever integrating into the series as a permanent fixture, so killing him off would be the easiest thing to do.

#1 Aunt Jenna

I defy you to name a more inessential character than Aunt Jenna. From the first episode she’s been on my death watch, and now this could be her end. The one purpose she does serve is as a guardian for Elena and Jeremy, and if she gets killed off, the show will have to solve the issue of who takes care of them.

This is a conversation I’ve had with my co-workers, and I think I found an easy solution: Alaric. Technically he’s Elena’s stepfather (he was married to her biological mother Isobel), so in theory, he could somehow become Jeremy and Elena’s legal guardian.

So what do you think? Is Aunt Jenna on her way out, or is it someone else on my list?

Source: E!Online
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