Arrow may be bidding farewell to Thea in “The Thanatos Guild,” but Speedy goes out with a bang. Is Thea the biggest hero in the episode or does someone else steal that title?


Thea has not been particularly central to the heroics of Arrow this season, but her final episode gives young Speedy a chance to shine. That is evident from the beginning, when the arrival of Nyssa and the evil Thanatos Guild derails Thea and Roy’s plans to leave town.

Thea’s bravery only increases from there. After recovering the Hellraiser puzzle box left by Malcolm Merlyn, Nyssa offers to let Thea leave town. That would probably be the best choice, but Thea opts to stick around and continue the fight (even briefly putting her relationship with Roy at risk.) 

In addition to this moral courage, there is plenty of heroic fighting for Thea. Hand-to-hand combat with Thanatos baddie Athena? Not a problem for Speedy in her last Arrow stand.

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Although Nyssa makes it look easy, she needs to be something of a serious hero to singlehandedly take on a ninja horde like the Thanatos Guild. Nyssa’s courage continues unabated when dealing with Oliver: Calling him “husband” at this point is practically begging for a violent response.


Felicity is the one who figures out how to open Merlyn’s box, making her a pretty major hero in “The Thanatos Guild.” She also sasses Nyssa every time the Heir to the Demon refers to Oliver as her husband. Nyssa may be pretty and smiling these days, but never forget that she is a cold-blooded assassin. Standing up to her, even with sarcasm, takes guts.

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Oliver’s most courageous moment in this episode is probably letting Thea go. She is, after all, the last member standing from his original family. But Oliver is exceptionally brave and honorable throughout. He even tells Thea to go before the Thanatos ninjas are dispatched.

Oliver and Diggle both get in some good fighting time too. That is always heroic.


Oliver’s one-time protege does not get too involved in the fighting, existing in this episode mostly to be Thea’s boyfriend. Roy does, however, get his moment of heroism when a bomb needs to be defused. Everyone else is too busy fighting, so it falls to Roy to follow Felicity’s instructions and avoid the boom.

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