This episode of iZombie, titled “Brainless in Seattle, Part 2,” takes us to a place of resolution for our murders and also to a few bars. Major gets threatened, Ravi puts his life in danger, Liv and Clive have a falling-out, and Blaine continues to, well, be Blaine.

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Searching for Connections

After a week of trying to find something other than Liv’s vision that connects the suspect coyote, Bruce, to the murders, Clive and Liv sit outside the incinerator. Their stakeout proves fruitless but Liv might not have noticed either way, seeing as how she was writing a mind diary entry, a la Carrie Bradshaw. Still drunk on lovesick brain and mooning over Tim from the Scratching Post, Liv hasn’t been much help on this investigation.

Scratch That

Chase Graves has been scolding Major and his two young proteges for not yet finding the phone with the video evidence of Jordan’s scratch encounter. Tucker, the “unarmed human civilian” that she scratched, is having a hard time adjusting to zombie life. He visits his human friends in a bar, and what seems to be a pep talk actually ends up being a gentle suicide suggestion. His friend urges him to “do the right thing,” but Tucker is unable to pull the trigger and instead ends up wandering into Angus’ church and observing a colorful message on the sins of Fillmore Graves.

Bait and Hook(-Up)

Ravi pitches in for the murder investigation, setting himself up as bait. He poses as a British doctor separated from his wife and unborn child and pleads for help at any cost. As Ravi gets into character with his accent, Liv gets into trouble with new officer Hunter. Still keeping her secret of seeing Bozzio kiss another man, Liv attempts to force a “meet cute” with Hunter and Babineaux multiple times throughout the episode. This eventually causes a spat between Clive and Liv.

Delivery Service

Blaine has been working tirelessly to track down Renegade in order to earn his freedom from Chase Graves. Curing and then eating the brain of a Renegade-turned-zombie is just one of his tactics. He shares this information with Don E., who is tickled to learn that Blaine is the one holding the cures. Blaine assures Don E. that if he proves himself to be loyal and worthy, he will reap the benefits of profit from the cures. Their only obstacle is that they are unsure of which laundromat Renegade operates out of. A final vision gives Blaine exactly what he needs, and he happily delivers Renegade to Chase.

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Graves Danger

Major, Jordan and Fisher (aka Captain Seattle) finally get a lead on the video. After a slight scuffle with the group in a bar and finding out that the phone containing the video has been stolen, they trace the phone to the zombie church. Decked out in FG soldier gear, they are greeted with unfriendly threats and quickly are surrounded by zombies who despise them. Major advises the two younger soldiers to remain calm, but it becomes increasingly harder to do so being swarmed by a mob of angry zombies.

As they are forced together, Angus appears from the balcony, which catches Major off guard. Angus allows the three to leave but not before bringing up Major’s past, calling him the “Angel of Chaos” and threatening to “knock his skull clean off” should he ever step near there in uniform again.

A Great Catch and a Perfect Match

Ravi’s catfish profile proved successful, and they set up a meeting with Bruce. Bruce draws his gun almost the second he gets sight of Ravi but is tackled by Clive shortly after. Thanks to a burn on his hand from the incinerator, they are able to get the evidence they need to tie him to the murders. Shortly thereafter, Clive confronts Liv about her blatantly trying to sabotage his relationship with Dale. She finally reveals her secret and, to her surprise, Clive is not surprised. He reveals that he and Dale have an open relationship. This is a struggle for him, but he is in love and desperate to try anything in order to make things work.


Speaking of love, Liv makes one last attempt to find her “new soulmate,” Tim. She, Ravi and Peyton head to The Scratching Post, where they run into Major, who has been tricked by Jordan and Fisher into eating wrestler brain. As fate would have it, Tim is there! They share a sloppy kiss. At the bar, Major asks (well, yells, really) Liv what her new man is like. After only describing physical attributes, Liv tries to get to know Tim a little more. Just like that, her fairy tale ends.

Tim Timmerson, as it turns out, is a zombie supremacist and a generally terrible dude. She ditches him in favor of her real soulmates: her friends. The gang has a happy zombie versus human dance-off, while Jordan and Fisher share a steamy kiss in the back corner.

Does this mean there’s a new romance for our two young soldiers or just awkward patrols? And what is Chase going to do now that he has Renegade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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