The Arrow season 6 finale will be staging a bit of a family reunion. Much of Quentin Lance’s season 6 story has revolved around his attempts to redeem the doppelganger of his deceased daughter, Black Siren. Evidently, though, Quentin’s other (very much alive and biological) daughter, Sara Lance, will be on hand for the season 6 conclusion. Caity Lotz is coming back to Arrow, for at least one episode, making it her first appearance (outside of the annual crossover events) since season 4.

Arrow Can’t Redeem Black Siren, So Stop Teasing the Possibility>>> Caity Lotz‘ Sara Lance has been a huge part of the Arrow-verse, headlining spin-off Legends of Tomorrow and always playing a major role in the aforementioned crossovers. However, since she officially left Arrow in season 4, Sara’s home series has been oddly quiet about her existence. The Flash‘s Cisco Ramon is mentioned and used more on Arrow than the first Canary, Sara. According to a report from Collider, things might be changing now. 

There are very few details about how Sara will pop up for the season 6 finale but she will be involved. After the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale, which airs on Monday, April 9, Lotz will reprise her role for the Arrow season 6 finale before (presumably) returning to Legends of Tomorrow for season 4. All this news really tells us is that Sara will survive the Legends of Tomorrow season finale but there’s plenty to speculate upon with just that fact. 

The obvious reason for Sara to appear in the Arrow season finale is something to do with Black Siren. In fact, if Arrow doesn’t have Sara interact with or mention Black Siren at all it’s going to be a huge disappointment. 

Black Siren has been part of the Arrow-verse since The Flash season 2. In all that time, Sara hasn’t been shown to even know of the doppelganger’s existence, despite the fact that the death of the original Laurel is a huge motivating factor of Sara’s story. Sara really needs to meet Black Siren or at least talk to her father about his plan to try to save the “evil” Laurel. 

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There are other things the mini-crossover should touch on as well. Oliver and Sara used to be one of the biggest relationships on Arrow. Yet since Sara moved to Legends of Tomorrow, the two have barely interacted. Even in the crossover events, there have been almost no moments of emotional depth between them. It’s all consisted of action scenes or talking about action scenes. A single scene of Oliver and Sara having a heart-to-heart would be welcome, especially considering how much both characters have grown since season 4. 

Sara meeting up with another former flame wouldn’t be unwelcome either. Sara’s former “beloved” Nyssa al Ghul will be returning to Arrow in the episode “The Thanatos Guild.” As Nyssa has appeared in (almost) every season finale since season 4, it would be unusual for her not to also return for season 6.

Neither Legends of Tomorrow or Arrow has offered much in the way of closure to Nyssa and Sara’s relationship. The Arrow season 6 finale could be a way to bring that romance to its eventual end. After all, Nyssa still seems stuck on Sara, while the latter has had a whole variety of romantic entanglements on Legends of Tomorrow

But what do you want to see happen with Sara’s return to Arrow? Should it open the door to more interactions between Sara and Team Arrow? What is on the top of your wish list for this mini-crossover?

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