Our beloved Liv gets down and dirty in this episode of iZombie, titled “Goon Struck.” She and Clive discover Chase Graves’ evil plan, Major gets himself into trouble with Don E., and Peyton deals with zombie discrimination in the workplace. Oh, and Liv also gets a tooth knocked out. Let’s find out more, shall we?

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We finally get to see a little bit more of what Peyton has been up to in the mayor’s office. She settles a zombie discrimination case over a bus driver that a few humans want removed from the job. Peyton dismisses the case in favor of Otto Harrison, the zombie driver. She learns that he and his family (who are also zombies) have not been getting enough rations and promises to get more sent to his home right away.

Road Trip

Don E. and Major take a Sunday drive. Major is visibly stressed and annoyed with Don E.’s radio channel flipping and karaoke. Through the flat notes of his tune, a muffled and panicked voice can be heard in the distance, perhaps in the trunk? They stop for gas, and Don E. gets into a spat with the cashier, who insists on seeing his identification to purchase alcohol.

Dead Bodies, Eh?

Over at the morgue, Clive, Liv and Ravi discuss their four most recent victims, three of whom are zombies. All of the victims had been shot in the head, which doesn’t make for a large meal for Liv. Liv gets to nosh on the brain of Gordie Schultz, a Canadian hockey player. In true Canadian fashion, she cooks up some zombie-approved poutine and gets to work.

Ruthless and Toothless

The first stop in the investigation is with Gordie’s hockey team. After realizing that the players would refuse to answer questions outright, Liv decides to get information another way. She straps on some skates and plows down every teammate, talking smack. All the knocking around proves useful when Liv gets a vision of Levon punching Gordie repeatedly in the face.

Liv also gets a tooth knocked out.

A Vision of Blaine

Levon reveals that he and Gordie had fought multiple times before Gordie joined the team. Since joining, however, the two had become pretty close friends. Levon is released as they investigate other leads, until Liv gets a vision of Blaine himself pulling the trigger on Gordie. The only trouble is she can’t see a location or anything else that will be able to tie Blaine to the murders.

Motel Madness

Somewhere in a sketchy motel, Don E., Major and their kidnapping victim, Sloane, are settling in and setting up for a deal. Major becomes furious when he turns on the television and sees video footage of Don E. raging out in the gas station from earlier. Sloane freaks out, having not previously known that her kidnappers are zombies. Major falls asleep and tells Don E. to keep an eye on Sloane. Of course, Don E. falls asleep as well, and they wake to find an overdosed Sloane. To save her life, Major scratches her.

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Things at Fillmore Graves are as tense as ever since capturing Renegade. Instead of sentencing her to death, as is the punishment prescribed for her crimes, Chase decided to freeze her in zombie jail. This decision is met with great backlash from the other operatives. They argue that there must not be any leniency or else people will get bold. Chase rebuts with the fact that she is a sweet looking older woman and to execute her publicly would be bad for public relations.

Dirty Laundry

Blaine almost gets off the hook when Liv and Clive bring him in. He knows that brain-induced visions are inadmissible in court. He manages to hang himself out to dry by mentioning the laundromat, which Liv never mentioned or saw. This causes Liv to worry about Renegade, knowing that she operates out of a laundromat. Before Liv and Clive can leave the precinct to investigate further, the Fillmore Graves inspector comes to declare that they have caught the killer, which allows Blaine to go free. After realizing that FG must be involved somehow, Liv attacks him and lets him know that they have the killer and will find out the truth.

Another Body

Another body shows up at the morgue: Otto Harrison. The bus driver passed out from hunger at the wheel and caused a crash. Unable to control his cravings, he started to feed from the victims and followed a passenger into traffic, where she defended herself and shot him in the head. Peyton is disturbed to learn of the incident and feels slightly guilty for not addressing the situation in a different way.

Turning Tables

Major, Don E. and new zombie Sloane show back up in Seattle, and Sloane is delivered to Chase. Chase informs her of how rations work, where she can stay and where to acquire a zombie identification card. She furiously questions if he knows who she is, and only then is it revealed to us that she is, in fact, the daughter of General Mills — the same General Mills that has been threatening to nuke New Seattle. Chase assures her that her father’s views will probably change after he learns of his daughter’s new lifestyle.

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

In a shocking turn of events, Chase goes back on his original decision. After Major quipped that sometimes “you gotta do what you gotta do,” Chase decided that he needed to make an example out of Renegade. He thaws her from zombie jail and tells her the crime and punishment. Chase clearly struggles with his decision, as Renegade cries out that she is not ready to die.

Seemingly everyone is gathered to see the guillotine in its first use; Levon (who worked for Renegade) stands back stone-faced, Major guards the guillotine and Don E. is selling brain pops like it’s some sort of sporting event. Liv gets there just in time to watch the horrific execution and cries out. She gathers herself and commands Levon to gather what’s left of Renegade’s followers. They’re going to continue her work.¬†

How will Renegade’s execution affect the already rough dynamic in New Seattle? Can Liv keep her new “Renegade Revival” a secret from Major? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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