With Slade Wilson back on the scene in Arrow, there are plenty of opportunities for heroism in “Deathstroke Returns.” It’s not just Oliver and Slade, however, who act courageously — Dinah saves more than her share of the day as well. Who is the biggest hero of all?


As always, Oliver Queen is a brave guy who takes on the world’s challenges. He is a little less effective than usual in “Deathstroke Returns,” though. Oliver does play the part of the photogenic politician well, but action is required to get Slade’s son back.

By the time Oliver regains consciousness and rushes in to help Slade with the action, there is not much left to do but witness a son’s utter betrayal.

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Mirakuru may be a thing of the past, but Slade Wilson is still a bit crazy, especially when his son is in danger. Add in that Deathstroke mask, and the Jackal minions do not stand a chance against Slade’s sword.

There is some additional bravery in Slade being willing to sacrifice himself to save his son. Unfortunately, that really does not work out as planned.

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If you want a more traditional hero in “Deathstroke Returns,” Dinah may just be your best bet. She starts off the episode by saving Councilwoman Pollard from Vigilante. A short time later, Dinah basically catches the mysterious man, only to realize that he is Vincent Sobel. That would be her former partner.

Dinah also confronts her past — always a heroic act — while simultaneously hiding (less successfully) from the FBI.


Two words: Quadratic equations. It takes a truly heroic effort to conquer that math.

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Biggest Hero?

Oliver and Slade take down a lot of bad guys in a shady foreign country, but their mission is murky (and flawed) enough to diminish the heroism somewhat. Thus, it is Dinah who is the biggest hero of the episode. Letting the Vigilante go might come back as a problem later, but the heroism holds for now.

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