Arrow‘s “Reversal” saw Oliver and Felicity in each other’s shoes, as Felicity found herself stretched a bit too thin even before her past in the form of Alena and Cayden James came back to haunt her. But while Oliver may have handed the green hood over to Diggle, that didn’t mean he wasn’t still there to help Felicity in the field and with a pep talk.

Here’s how Oliver supported Felicity in “Reversal.”

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Oliver Was “Excited” About the Start-up

With Felicity busy with everything in her life (Overwatch duties, her and Curtis’ start-up, their new relationship), Oliver gave her a pass on attending fundraisers (though he didn’t lie convincingly enough about not minding going to them alone.) He told her he was happy she was busy and “especially excited” for the start-up because it was important she have something in her life that wasn’t just the team.

“Wherever You’re Going, I’m Going Too”

When Oliver showed up at Felicity’s as she and Alena were heading out, Felicity quickly filled him in on Cayden James. When she admitted she wasn’t sure if she could trust Alena, he told her he was going with her. However, she refused his help because it wasn’t his life anymore. (Still, he did manage to make his confirmation to Alena that he and Felicity are back together sound a bit threatening.)

Oliver Still Acted as Her Backup, Even Though She Was Trying to Protect Him

Oliver followed Felicity and Alena to the club where they were meeting Amnesiac to get the ghost mirror drive they needed — in a gas mask. Thinking Felicity was in trouble when Amnesiac’s guys pulled her into a back room for the meet, he burst in and knocked everyone out because he was “trying to keep [her] safe.” The problem? That was what she was doing by refusing his help. “I was trying to protect you. You are under 24/7 surveillance from the FBI right now,” she explained. But while he could handle making sure no one saw him, he couldn’t handle her going after a criminal without backup.

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Oliver Was There for Felicity Just Like She’s Been There for Him in the Past

“What’s happening now is not your fault,” he told her, echoing what she’s told him before. And contrary to what she thought, he didn’t do everything by himself in the past. “I had you,” he said. “Even if we weren’t together. You were always there with me, always there to talk me out of stuff, to help me being the Green Arrow. You were literally in my ear every second that I was in the field, and that’s why I followed you to the club tonight, because I wanted the chance to be there for you the way that you’ve been there for me.”

So, in this case, he told her what she would tell him if their roles were reversed in this situation, that she freed Cayden because she thought it was right at the time, but she couldn’t live in the past. “You would tell me to make it right in the present. You would tell me to trust myself.”

Oliver Told Felicity He Was “Incredibly Proud”

It was phone interruptus for Oliver and Felicity throughout the episode, from Curtis texting about a dead body during their date to letting Felicity know he had a location for the Vault to Slade calling Oliver just when the couple was about to enjoy “dessert.” But instead of any complaints, we saw both of them being supportive. “This is how it felt to be you, isn’t it?” Oliver remarked on the date, telling Felicity to go. And when she had to go off with the team after Cayden and Black Siren, he just told her he was “incredibly proud” when she apologized for the interruptions “becoming a habit.”
Oliver Was in Felicity’s Ear for Her Like She’d Been for Him

“Maybe doing this solo wasn’t such a good idea,” she remarked as she headed for the processor at the Vault. “Good thing you’re not alone,” he said, cluing her in to his place in the bunker acting as Overwatch for the mission. And while he couldn’t understand her tech talk, he could still support her with, “I know this: You can do it. I believe in you,” words that she has told him before. And after she had been successful, he was “glad [he] found a way to help.”

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