With Oliver Queen officially out of the game, Arrow is wide open for anyone to be the biggest hero in “Reversal.” Technical prowess, basic intelligence and fighting all help save the day, so which character is the most heroic?


In many ways, “Reversal” is totally Felicity’s episode. She starts out by giving up a dinner date to go help the team. After that, Felicity confronts her hacking past while helping to take down the nefarious Cayden James. This bad guy exists partially because of Felicity’s previous actions, of course, but it takes a lot of effort and heroism to fight him now.

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Not only does Felicity achieve a few good hacks, but she is also the one to figure out the bad guy’s diabolical plan. Then she stops him from blowing up the super-important server room (along with all of her friends.) And she does most of this in a cocktail dress. That is impressive.

We will just ignore the fact that Felicity’s actions may have actually helped Cayden James in the end.


Arrow rarely allows a morally ambiguous guest star to be heroic. But Alena, Felicity’s old Helix buddy, gets that chance in “Reversal.” Mostly, she just serves to warn Felicity about Cayden James, but you do need to give the lady credit for putting her life on the line to fight against a guy she once thought to be a hero.

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Sidelined as he is, you would not expect Oliver to be a hero in “Reversal.” You would be wrong. Not only does Oliver get to play the emotional-support hero for Felicity, but he also gets to beat up a few thugs when he thinks his girlfriend is in trouble. Oliver has a little more trouble taking Felicity’s place behind the computer; still, he does quite well there as well.


Felicity does not get to keep all of the nerdy heroism to herself — Curtis gets in on that action too, taking Felicity’s place in the Arrow Lair throughout most of the episode. His discovery of a way to track Evil Laurel is pretty cool too.


If you want a fighting hero, Dinah is the winner. While the entire team takes on bad guys throughout the episode, it’s Dinah who goes one-on-one with the Black Siren.


Of course, the new Green Arrow himself has to have some heroic actions in any Arrow episode. Diggle does well with this, figuring out the hidden pattern of victims, tracking down Felicity and leading the team into battle.

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Biggest Hero?

“Reversal” truly is Felicity’s episode, so she deserves to be the biggest hero. Without her, would we even have the internet necessary for you to read this article?

Who do you think was the biggest hero in “Reversal”? Vote in the poll and leave your opinion in the comments section below! 

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