Getz is coming back to Lethal Weapon on tonight’s “Let it Ride” and hilarity ensures. Thomas Lennon reprises his role as an attorney, Leo Getz, when his path crosses with Murtaugh (Damon Wayans, Sr.) and Riggs (Clayne Crawford) after a death at a race track.

BuddyTV spoke with Thomas Lennon about returning to the show, what brings Leo back into the picture and how many episodes he’ll be in during Season 2.

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In your first appearance as Leo Getz, you got to improvise a lot. Did you have the freedom to do that again this time? 

I had a lot. In fact, I hope it will make the DVD. At one point early in the episode, where I’m giving an eulogy for my friend who has either died or been murdered, it was maybe the most fun I’ve ever had on a set because they needed me to be in the background giving a full length eulogy, but knowing full well it was going to be intercut with Riggs and Murtaugh at the bar having a hushed, secret, intense conversation. I got to improvise a whole eulogy. It was so fun. A couple of the things that I said made it into the final cut, which I’m very pleased about. Somewhere there exists a solid 12 minute improvised eulogy I gave.

What brings Leo back?

Leo comes back because there’s a death at Santa Ana Race Track. This character, Howard Trotter, who is sort of an expert on horse racing. Everybody thinks it’s natural causes, but Leo suspects it’s a murder and it happens to be one of his very good friends. He urges Riggs and Murtaugh to investigate it like a murder and from there it gets complicated and things unfold and there’s a murder attempt on Leo. You get to see Leo in shorts which is pretty fun. It’s a fun episode for me.  

The episode has two stories going on. The sort of fun Leo Getz story and the other is a very serious Riggs story that deals with this past. Clayne is outstanding in the episode dealing with some demons that he has.

Why does Leo feel so strongly that Howard was murdered?

That was a tricky one. Every single person thinks that it’s clearly natural causes. The coroner says that Howard probably should have died several natural deaths before this one. I think Leo just has strong sense that there was something lurking in the shadows waiting to take his friend. He sensed something had been wrong with him for a while and he felt he was being watched and followed and things. That one is a little bit tough to explain, but I think it works in the way it plays out.

How has the dynamic a little bit different between Leo and Riggs and Murtaugh this time?

I think Leo really feels like he’s sort of the third Muskateer. I think he feels very strongly that they’re a three-man unit and that there’s a lot of love in both directions. I think Leo has a lot of love for those two guys. And I think he feels, whether it’s accurate or not, a lot of love from them. That they’re a band or a team. 

Will we see Leo Getz again this season?

Yes, in fact, I start tomorrow. Tomorrow I go back for Episode 12. I’ll be back a couple more times, but I know for a fact I start work again tomorrow. … I just read it yesterday and it’s really great too. They do a really good job of maintaining– They are making like a really good movie every week, which kind of blows my mind. 

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