More in-fighting on Arrow? Must be Thursday. Despite this, however, there are some heroes on the team in “Brothers in Arms.” Who was the most heroic of all?


When he isn’t getting all disappointed in Oliver (clearly the cool thing to do this season), Diggle does squeeze in a few heroic moments. His acceptance of Oliver’s “I get to stay the Green Arrow” explanation is pretty laudable by the show’s current standards.

Diggle also has the bravery to punch Oliver. Punching Oliver gets people killed — never underestimate the courage involved in doing so.

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In his role as mayor, Oliver confronts the police chief and district attorney about how they are working for Diaz. It backfires, but the effort is well-meaning. Meanwhile, he and Diggle spend their non-complaining time in the episode taking down Diaz’s drug operation. That fighting, at least, is heroic.


Dinah’s efforts to keep alive the last few honest cops? Her actions do make her a hero, even before she screams a hole in the wall. Add in playing matchmaker for Curtis and his hot-cop boyfriend, and Dinah does pretty well here.

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Despite all of the courageous action of others, it may be Felicity who is the true hero of “Brothers in Arms.” She stops the Oliver-Diggle fight, first of all, which is a service to them, to the city and to the viewing audience. Felicity then finds the location of Diaz’s drug operation in about 30 seconds.

There would literally be no success in this episode without Felicity.

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