With eight weeks of no new Supernatural on the horizon, we’re taking a look back at the first half of season 5.  This year has seen plenty of big moments on Supernatural, including the rise of Lucifer, the return of hunters and demons from the past, Paris Hilton, the Trickster, a search for God, the Anti-Christ and an angel in a whorehouse.

But what were your favorite moments, scenes and quotes from season 5 so far?  Leave a comment below with your favorite moment and tell us why you loved it.  It can be a scene, a quote, a weird facial expression, a great piece of music or whatever else you’d like.  Then we’ll pick the best of your suggestions and compile our list of the best moments of Supernatural season 5.

Pick from any of the episodes, including the 10th one, “Abandon All Hope,” airing tomorrow at 9pm on the CW.  You can submit as many moments as you’d like.

To help you back, check out our season 5 episode guide, complete with links back to every recap, op-ed, video and photo from each season 5 episode.

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I’ll get the ball rolling.  Because I’m a sucker for good meta comedy, my favorite moment has to be the part of the Grey’s Anatomy parody in “Changing Channels” when Sam questions why that show has a ghost.  It was funny, it mocked Grey’s, and it provided a shout-out to Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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