She may not have won the sixth season of Project Runway, but the sweet Carol Hannah has charmed many of the fans with her designs and her attitude.  She was definitely favored over Mean-a Irina, which is why checking up on her is a treat.

Carol Hannah told TV Guide that she didn’t really expect to emerge victorious on this season of the show, simply because her tastes don’t fit in with Project Runway standards.  On her interview, she talked about why she thought so.  She also discussed her relationship with fellow contestant Logan, who she’s working with these days.

“I didn’t think I would win, because I do dresses, I do gowns, I do things that women love to wear,” Carol Hannah told the publication.  “But at the same time, I think Project Runway is a little bit more about sportswear.  […]  I think sportswear is really more fashiony, it’s just more of what they were looking for.”

She also knew that she wouldn’t let the show alter her own style.  “I didn’t want to undermine who I am as a designer in my aesthetic and try to do that and change, so I dunno.”

Carol Hannah

Carol Hannah poses for Project Runway

Known for her female-friendly fashion, Carol Hannah revealed that she’s currently working on her own line.  She’s been quite a success, with customers pleased at her products.

“I started wholesaling a few months ago so I’m in stores now and I sell a lot online as well through my website,” the Project Runway third-placer announced.  “I also started a wedding line, which I’m excited about.”

Other than her trademark clothes, this designer is also remembered for her flirty relationship with Logan Neitzel.  Though she maintains they’re just friends, the two have moved into a studio with fellow season 6 contender Rodney Epperson.

“The other thing that’s going on is that Logan and Epperson and I just moved into a studio this week,” Carol Hannah explained.  She was quick to add, “Work studio, not living.  That would be odd!”

In the near future though, we get to see these three talents display their work.  Carol Hannah promised there’d be a showroom where events will be held, something really worth looking forward to.

She said, “We’ll probably do a couple of collaborative products, but for the most part it’s separate lines, just working together.”

Source: TV Guide
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