Now that she’s opened up about her sex tape nightmare, things are going smoothly for Kendra Wilkinson. The former Girls Next Door star has finally gotten over the controversy and is getting her life back on track.

Kendra Wilkinson Addresses Sex Tape

According to, the reality TV star just recently returned to the virtual world. She updated her Twitter account, having just celebrated her birthday last Saturday.

“[T]hanks so much for all the birthday wishes!!!!! 25 feels good lolol!!” she wrote. It’s been more than a month since her last post. Her fans certainly missed her, so it was just right to show her appreciation for them.

Kendra Wilkinson also sent a message to the public via her Facebook page. Hoping to show that she’s finally bounced back from the sex tape scandal, she excitedly wrote how she’s leaving all that behind.

“Hey everyone…I really want to thank all of you for all the love and support you’ve shown me over the past few weeks!!!” she wrote. “I love you all so much! I’m leaving the past in the past and I’m so excited for my future with my family. I’m back babyyy!!! Lolololol!!!!!”

The Girls Next Door star has also shed a positive point of view on the controversy. During her interview with E! Online, she admitted that she learned a lesson throughout this whole fiasco. She may even teach it to her own son, Little Hank.

“It’s really going to make us teach our child what’s right and wrong in this world, what’s good and evil,” Ace Showbiz reports Kendra Wilkinson saying. “We’re going to make sure our son is raised with a good head on his shoulders, a person that has morals, that treats women with respect.”

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Perhaps getting over the whole issue is one of the best birthday gifts that the star of Kendra has received. “I’m here where I want to be, the happiest person I’ve ever been,” she added.

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