Really, gleeks, we should’ve seen this coming. After Idina Menzel expressed her interest in joining Glee, she took a guest role in the recently concluded season, and now her husband is saying the same thing.

Talking to E! Online, Taye Diggs simply said that he’d also like to play a role on Glee in the future. “I would love to do it,” he said. “I love the show. I’m a straight up fan. It’s so enjoyable to watch and to see a show for people who to sing and dance.”

The Private Practice star also appreciated how the Glee writers treated Menzel’s storyline, as the character went from kick-ass Vocal Adenaline coach to Rachel’s biological mother in less than two months. “I love how they integrated Idina into the show, and I would love to be a guest,” he said.

Diggs, of course, is also a Broadway veteran, making a splash as part of the original cast of the Broadway musical Rent — where he and Menzel met.

That said, would you also want Diggs to join Glee, even if just for one episode? What role should he take? Can we have a little in-joke and have him as one of Rachel’s dads?

(Image courtesy of WENN/Carrie Donovah)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV