After seven solid seasons, we’ve said our final goodbye to Pretty Little Liars, but what if it didn’t have to be the end? Every good television show has the potential to live on through a spin-off. Although not entirely realistic, here are a few storylines I think should be considered to continue the PLL legacy — none of which include Caleb Rivers in a town called Ravenswood. 

This article contains spoilers. Do not continue reading unless you’ve watched the series finale!

What Did Alison Do for Two Years?

In the beginning, the whole crux of Pretty Little Liars was the mystery surrounding the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. After two years of her friends mourning her death she showed back up in Rosewood. It turns out, even though her mom buried her alive, Alison was never dead. She had faked the whole thing to escape the torment of ‘A.’

There are so many questions yet to be answered. Do you ever wonder what Ali did for those two years? How did she make money? Where did she live? When did she get a pilot’s license? Who was she hanging out with? We met Cyrus Petrillo so we know she was into some shady stuff. Just the night she “went missing” holds enough plot for multiple episodes — imagine what stories could be told spanning two years.

Moms Drink Wine

This is the show we never knew we needed. It would be ratings gold! The first time we saw the moms break into a few bottles of Merlot they ended up trapped in the basement of the DiLaurentis house. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the next episode was the five-year time jump and we never learned how they got out.

Not having experienced years of being stalked and fearing for their lives, the moms have no problem loosening up after throwing back a few glasses of Cab. I’d tune in every week to watch them drunkenly gossip about the men of Rosewood — or anything, really. The pilot episode could be the moms reminiscing about their great basement escape.

The History of the Radley

It was once a sanitarium, and now it’s a swanky hotel. So much weird shit has happened inside the Radley. It is a place that is stuck in its own history. There were 1940s nurses delivering babies in 1994. There have been ghost waltzes, murders and a never-ending slew of secrets. If walls could talk, I’d definitely want to know what the Radley’s walls have to say.

Pretty Little Liars, the Next Generation

The series finale reveals Emison had twins. By the end of the episode, Hanna announces she and Caleb are expecting, and Aria and Ezra said they plan to adopt a child of their own. Of course it would involve a time jump, but I’d love to watch a show about the next generation of little liars. This time would be different, though. It would be a breath of fresh air to see the girls’ kids not having to deal firsthand with the evils of Rosewood and ‘A.’ It could still be its own Nancy Drew mystery show where they have to fill in the plot holes from the original series.

The Adventures of Tippi the Bird

Who wouldn’t watch a series about Tippi? This bird has seen some things. The last time we saw Tippi she was being forced into a life of cannibalism. It would be great if we could check back in and see what she’s up to now.


A show about Mona Vanderwaal would be award winning! Mona is a former nerd turned villain who bled herself in order to fake her own death. She’s also a hero. What if we could go back and see the Pretty Little Liars series from her perspective?

There is so much material to work with. Even when she wasn’t ‘A,’ she was still on top of the game. The entire show would follow her journey from loser Mona up to taking Mary and Twincer hostage in her very own dollhouse.

Addison Derringer and the New Class

Just kidding. This is a show that never gets picked up after the pilot. No one wants to see another round of young girls being bullied.

These past seven years have been a wild ride, and I’m still not ready to let it all go. I’m not sure if the story will continue, but one can dream, right? What spin-off would you like to see? Sound off in the comments below.

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Casey Cummings

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