Pretty Little Liars just aired its series finale and the long-awaited identity of A.D. was revealed to all. After years of being dragged around by these stories, are fans happy with how the series ended? Was the A.D. reveal satisfying enough to keep the show in fans’ minds for years to come?

Was it a shock that Spencer’s twin turned out to be A.D.? Kind of, but only because after years of fans speculating Spencer had a twin, no one expected Marlene to actually go along with that plan and risk being predictable. Alex Drake, A.D., gave Spencer a very detailed reason about why she stalked and tortured them, for Charlotte, but it still sucks that Spencer’s own sisters would be behind her kidnappings.

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Alex was crazy — she should’ve just been kept in Radley — but she and Charlotte definitely shared the crazy gene, while Spencer seems to be the only Drake child who doesn’t. Thankfully, nothing happened to Spencer, and her twin’s plan to steal her identity and life was unsuccessful (thanks to Jenna, of all people.)

Below, we’ve gathered tweets from fans about how they’re taking the reveal:

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While it seems the overall reaction to Alex Drake’s unveiling was a negative one, which is to be expected after seven years of a mystery with so many loose ends, there were positive reactions as well.

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As with any big reveal, it’s hard to impress and satisfy all of the fans, but it’s better to leave them dissatisfied with a logical answer, rather than try to shock them with an answer that makes zero sense. Alex Drake is A.D., and Spencer’s twin sister. 

What do you think? Are you satisfied with Alex Drake? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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