The Winchester brothers are no longer Supernatural‘s only double threat — Jody Mills is back in action and, as any hunter worth their salt knows, two guns are better than one. It comes as no surprise that Sheriff Donna Hanscum will play the Sam to Mills’ Dean in Wayward Sisters.

The announcement comes just a week after Kim Rhodes (Mills) was announced as the lead for Supernatural‘s latest venture into the world of spinoffs. Once a tyro in the ways of ganking vamps and tracking windigos, the Sioux Falls sheriff has settled comfortably into the plaid, bloodstained fatigues of a hunter. Hailing from one state over, Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) experienced a similar, albeit less emotionally scarring, intro to the world of monsters, and it wasn’t long before the pair was closing cases no judge would ever understand. 

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Buckmaster has yet to comment on her Wayward Sisters involvement, but King Talent Incorporated has confirmed her role in season 13’s backdoor pilot. 

Set to focus on Mills’ growing band of orphaned hunters, casting for the potential spinoff will most likely grow to include Jody’s current fosters, Claire (Kathryn Newton) and Alex (Katherine Ramdeen.) It’s Rhodes’ signature blend of Teflon resilience, motherly compassion and timely humor, however, which really sells the idea. So patently Supernatural yet undeniably refreshing, this proprietary blend combines with Buckmaster’s ebullient Minnesotan demeanor to create a partnership that we’re delighted to see more of. And one that will leave the Midwest’s esurient sylphs begging for their lives. 

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Are you psyched to see the Jody and Donna dream team back together? Do you think the Wayward Sisters pilot has legs? Sound off in the comments below.

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