Pretty Little Liars concludes tonight after seven seasons and fans can expect more than just the revelation of A.D.’s identity. Sasha Pieterse teases there’s so much to look forward to when it comes to her character Alison and Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) relationship before A.D. steps in and, as usual, takes over their lives.

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“I think [the Liars] have been so hyped up about everything that she just wants to enjoy the moment. Obviously, we’ve seen a lot of ‘Emison’ stuff lately so she’s exploring that and just kind of getting used to being herself,” Pieterse told “I think [building a family] means everything to her. Alison has said before that she doesn’t have any real memories, so she wants to build that with Emily.”

Like most PLL fans, Pieterse believes that Alison and Emily belong together just because of the bond that they had from the start and how much they have been through. 

“I think they’ve always had a special connection from the very beginning. I think Alison always knew that she loved Emily. Maybe she wasn’t sure how but I think just finally seeing them together kind of just confirms how special their friendship and now how special the love they have. So I think It’s just satisfying and sweet and special,” she said of the couple.

Pieterse, who describes tonight’s episode as sweet and epic, also confirms that fans will find out the gender of the baby. 

Meanwhile, here are more clips to help you get ready for the series finale, including one with a Spoby moment, one about the Liars at Lost Woods and a montage of the Liars through the years.

Pretty Little Liars season 7 finale airs June 27 at 8/7c on Freeform. Want more news? Like our Facebook page.

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