The Amazing Race is winding down this season, but a new Race is coming soon. According to fan sites, The Amazing Race 20 began over the Thanksgiving weekend and teams were spotted at LAX, and it looks like, once again, CBS is taking contestants from one reality competition and bringing them back.

Sources and photos from Reality Fan Forum have identified Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 13 HGs Rachel Reilly and Brendan Villegas (aka Brenchel) as one of the teams that will be competing on the new season of The Amazing Race. After falling in love on Big Brother 12, the “gruesome twosome” returned in season 13 and Rachel won the $500,000 grand prize. The two are engaged and now will get a shot at winning a million dollars.

For those, like me, who had the displeasure and misfortune of watching these two on Big Brother, the idea that CBS would bring them back for a third straight year on TV is upsetting to say the least. Basically, they behaved like spoiled brats, constantly playing the victim while swinging quickly from obsessive love to bitter feuds. Sadly, the thing that makes me hate them the most makes them qualified candidates for The Amazing Race.

Every season of TAR has one couple, usually engaged, who proceed to bicker and fight the entire time. For season 19, Jeremy and Sandy have taken that place. Brenchel will undoubtedly do the same thing. Rachel has a tendency to freak out of have emotional hissy fits whenever things get hard, so The Amazing Race is just going to destroy her.

As much as I can’t stand these two and wished that Rachel’s Big Brother victory would’ve been the last time they’d ever be on TV, I also have to admit that they might be pretty good. Sure, they yell at each other and can’t seem to get along in high-stress situations, but they were both incredibly dominant at Big Brother challenges. Whether it was physical or mental, these two could win anything, so I imagine they will do extremely well at Detours and Roadblocks. It’s just the travel part that will slip them up.

Previously on The Amazing Race, Big Brother contestants Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd competed and finished in seventh place. A number of Survivor castaways have also participated on The Amazing Race. Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca were on this year, but were the second team to be eliminated. Meanwhile, Survivor couple Boston Rob Mariano and his then-fiancee Amber Brkich were on season 7, where they finished second, and returned for the All-Stars season where they finished eighth.

Will Brendon and Rachel break the cycle and become the first reality show stars to win The Amazing Race? Will Rachel cry more than 10 times during the entire season? Will I be able to watch every episode without feeling the need to physically injure myself? All these questions and more will be answered when The Amazing Race season 20 comes to TV in the spring of 2012.

Source: Reality Fan Forum
(Image courtesy of CBS)


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