The next leg of the Amazing Race starts NOW! Well, it started for Amani and Marcus. Not sure what the fate of the other teams is yet. Amani and Marcus are going to the Ford Proving Grounds in Belgium! Ernie and Cindy are hot on their heels in the Ford Focus. Jeremy and Sandy check in third.

Andy and Tommy are still working on the fitness performance, as are Bill and Cathi. Amani and Marcus try to find directions to the Ford Proving Grounds (and what better way to get there than in a Ford?). Andy and Tommy get their clue for the Pit Stop, followed by Bill and Cathi, who receive compliments on their physical fitness.

Jeremy and Sandy get a map from a stationery store and are on their way. Amani and Marcus’s map didn’t print. Ernie and Cindy are there, met with a Road Block. For this challenge, they get to speed around in a Ford Mustang! Well, they have to speed around, navigate a course, and then do a double donut! Ernie suits up for a ride with a trained driver to show off the ‘stang.

Andy and Tommy check in fourth, and race to the race track. Bill and Cathi check in last, and are delighted not to be eliminated. I am also delighted.

Ernie is loving the feel of the Mustang, but must get a better time on the navigation course than like, 16 seconds. Preposterous! He did it many more times after that, hitting the fake car in front of them many times. His trained driver remained steadfast and emotionless in the passenger seat.

Jeremy caught up to Ernie, who had to wait in line for Jeremy to complete the course. Jeremy fails the course, and then Ernie finally succeeds and moves on to the donuts. That teacher guy was so excited to get out of Ernie’s car. Jeremy’s passenger seemed much more enthused.

Ernie and Cindy, followed by Jeremy and Sandy, drive on to Gent. Not so fast, guys, this isn’t the Proving Grounds anymore! Good ol’ American cars.

Amani and Marcus arrive at the Mustangs, and Andy and Tommy are right there. Marcus suits up, and Tommy gets to go instead of Andy. Andy is jealous, but Tommy had such a disaster with that poem. Bill and Cathi show up, and Bill suits up as Amani and Marcus leave. The guys are LOVING this Road Block. When do they have to eat something gross and in large amounts, though?

Andy struggles with some very human jealousy that he had in his heart, but it was absolved through Christ when he asked for forgiveness. I guess it’s like if my friend go to go shopping for a bunch of beautiful clothes and I had to stay behind and watch? I’d be totally jealous and would hold onto it for a long, long time. Good for you, Andy.

In Gent, it’s a Road Block! Water or Waffles. They will either build a raft and search for two halves of a clue, or assemble a waffle stand and make 18 waffles. The couples choose Waffles, which looks surprisingly challenging. This could destroy their relationships.

Amani and Marcus take one look at the waffle-making in progress, and opt for the raft. Andy and Tommy also choose raft-building. Andy and Tommy are having such a great time on their raft, it’s quite endearing. It seems like it would take much longer to make waffles. Ernie and Cindy grab their clue just before Andy and Tommy, who stroll past Amani and Marcus making their raft. Marcus is just too big for that raft.

Bill and Cathi see the waffles, and decide “to hell with it” upon hearing that the waffle stand is hard to do. It’s really hard on Jeremy and Sandy, who keep calling a young judge over, and keep hearing, “I’m sorry, it’s not correct.” Sandy is ready to give up and try the other challenge, because she’s stumped, but I’m with Jeremy that there’s no way they should do that. They finally figure out that two of the waffles needed to be switched, and manage to stay ahead of Bill and Cathi, who are doing well.

At the next location in Muur, teams will release hundreds of homing pigeons and meet them at the next address for their clue. Ewwww they have to touch a bird leg! So many aerial rats …

Andy and Tommy are first to their pigeons, and receive a tiny bird leg-sized photo clue directing them to the Atomium for their next Pit Stop. Jeremy and Sandy find their birds next. Ernie and Cindy are lost and arguing.

Andy and Tommy check in first and are first to a good night’s sleep. They each get a new, customized Ford Mustang, so the jealousy in Andy’s heart was completely dissolved after that. Ernie and Cindy finally find their pigeons, and Amani and Marcus are struggling, too. The pigeons beat everyone there, except maybe Andy and Tommy.

Night is falling, but that just means it’s rally time for Marcus as he drives to the Atomium. Jeremy and Sandy check in second, followed by Ernie and Cindy in third. They are lucky. Amani and Marcus rallied to finish in fourth. Awwww, Bill and Cathi! They did so well and got along swimmingly the whole time! I want to be Bill and Cathi. Both of them.

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