Following the events of John Grisham’s 1991 novel and the 1993 film starring Tom Cruise, NBC’s upcoming series The Firm kicks off with a new life. It still revolves around lawyer Mitch McDeere, known for bringing down the Memphis law firm involved with the Chicago mob. But this time, he’s moved on. Or rather, he’s trying to.

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On The Firm season 1, the McDeeres hope to make a new beginning as they emerge from the Federal Witness Protection Program. It’s been ten years. Are they still in danger?

With the unforgiving mob perpetually on their tail, the only answer to that is: yes. 

What to Expect on The Firm Season 1:

Mitchell McDeere, a CPA and tax lawyer from Harvard, wants to forget what happened before and start anew. He’s found a job with another firm, but he isn’t sure if it, too, is hiding something illegal. Worse, he’s still on the mob’s hit list and they’ll stop at nothing to make him pay.

Get to Know the Cast of The Firm

The Firm features actor Josh Lucas as the lead, with Deadwood‘s Molly Parker as his wife Abby. Another star joining the series is Callum Keith Rennie of The Killing and Californication fame. He’ll be portraying Mitch’s loyal but somehow laid-back older brother, who’s been hired to investigate this new firm.

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Meanwhile, Emmy-nominated actress Juliette Lewis has booked the role of Tammy, Mitch’s receptionist. Her feisty attitude contrasts her boss’, who isn’t all that pleased with her whirlwind relationship with Ray.

Also starring on The Firm season 1 are Natasha Calis, Battlestar Galactica‘s Tricia Helfer, and comedian Shaun Majumder in a recurring role.

Tricia Helfer and Other Canadians on TV

Having to face new threats, Mitch and his family will need all the help they can get. They’re also still running away from their past, which is determined to catch up with them. And when it does, he must fight back if he wants to live the normal life he’s always dreamed of.

Below are two sneak peeks of The Firm. Will McDeere be able to bring down yet another criminal conspiracy and escape the mob? Well, he’s already done it once.

Don’t forget: The Firm season 1 premieres on NBC with a two-hour special on Sunday, January 8.

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