Tune into “Maine Cabin Masters” (MCM) to watch expert contractor Chase Morrill and his talented and iconic family cabin construction crew breathe new life into the run-down cabins deep in the remote woods of Maine. Although the show might seem exclusively for renovators, interior design enthusiasts, cabin-lovers, and the like, it has quickly skyrocketed to prime viewership. 

Soon after its debut on network television, the talented family behind “Maine Cabin Masters” quickly took the spot of the highest-rated reality TV series on the DIY Network. With the first episode airing in January of 2017, “Maine Cabin Masters” was number one on the DIY Network in the US during the run of its first three seasons. Season three attracted over 3.5 million fans since its premiere alone, and the show has gone on to release four more seasons since.

This article covers everything you need to know about the “Maine Cabin Masters” crew and show. It also speaks about upcoming seasons.

Where Can You Watch “Maine Cabin Masters?”

Looking to catch up on the last few seasons of “Maine Cabin Masters?” You have a host of options to choose from. Currently, you can stream “Maine Cabin Masters” on the Discovery+ Amazon Channel, the DIY Network, Spectrum On Demand, and FuboTV. Alternatively, you can download it or buy it from Vudu, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, and Apple iTunes

What Is “Maine Cabin Masters” About?

“Maine Cabin Masters” focuses on the work of builder Chase Morrill and his construction team, his sister Ashley Morrill (designer), and his brother-in-law Ryan Eldridge (carpenter) as they renovate dilapidated cabins along Maine’s scenic waterways. Since season one, the show’s cast has expanded to include more memorable characters, some of which are discussed below. 

A typical episode begins with Chase introducing his team to a cabin and its hopeful owners looking to revamp their space. With a budget, deadlines, and renovation goals that need to be knocked down, the team works in sync for a total cabin makeover to restore the original beauty of the cabins. 

What’s great about the cast is they can integrate innovative modern upgrades like composting toilets and solar panels into their project while keeping the cabin’s aesthetic true to its client’s preferences. Every episode ends with a cherry on the cake: an exciting unveiling of the refurbished and renovated cabin as the team ceremoniously hands over the keys to its owners.

The team works with a trusted community of local artisans and craftspeople across Maine, revamping classic Maine cabins with their unique take. As Morill puts it, be it a lakeside retreat by the shore or a centuries-old cottage in the woods, every home they renovate transforms into an entirely new cabin after this team gives it the revival it needs. 

Is “Maine Cabin Masters” a Real Company?

“Maine Cabin Masters” is owned by a company called the Kennebec Cabin Company, based in Manchester, Maine. The company is an ‘ever-evolving venture’ of some of the show’s most recognizable and iconic characters – Chase, Ashley, Ryan, Jedi, and Dixie. The mission of Kennebec Cabin Company is a simple one: offer the best of Maine and celebrate the place the show calls ‘home.’

The Kennebec website also hosts the “From the Woodshed” podcast episodes starring Chase and Ryan. Guests of the podcast ask interesting questions regarding Maine life and the show itself.

Kennebec Cabin Company is also home to the KCC retail store, which features “Maine Cabin Masters” logo wear and other merchandise for fans of the show. The KCC retail store also curates one-of-a-kind handcrafted work of Maine-based artisans. From rustic bird-houses to decadent nut butters, you can get your solitary-cabin-lifestyle fix by browsing the Kennebec Cabin Company retail store on its website. 

What’s more — from June through October, the Kennebec Cabin Company hosts a ‘clubhouse’ comprising of “Maine Cabin Masters” episode watch parties, live outdoor music, and microbrews on draft. Anyone visiting Maine from Thursday to Sunday is open to swing ‘around back’ to the Woodshed to enjoy the fun.

Do “Maine Cabin Masters” Make Any Money?

With their net worths combined, the cast of Maine Cabin Company is valued at over a million dollars. The master contractor Chase Morrill has a net worth of $600,000. Reports cite Ashley Morill’s net worth at approximately $460,000, while her husband, Ryan’s sits at $400,000. 

As shown in the series, the Kennebec Cabin Company specializes in renovations but specifically works on servicing cabins in the backwoods of Maine — most of which are far from cheap. It has been reported that the team has generated around $30,000 from a single project. 

In an interview with Forbes magazine, it was revealed that the last two years have brought in more business than ever before.

About the Cast of “Maine Cabin Masters”

Here is the scoop on all your favorite cast members from Maine Cabin Masters:

Chase Morill:

Chase Morrill in Maine Cabin Masters

Home builder turned reality TV star, Chase Morill is among the most significant characters in the show. An Augusta native, Chase picked up his expertise in renovation by learning under his father. Currently, he is also the owner of Kennebec Cabin Company and manages the contracting and renovating projects for the show.

Ashley Morill:

Ashley Morill in Maine Cabin Masters

Ashley is responsible for most of the design work on Maine Cabin Masters, making her an essential part of the renovation and restoration crew. Her penchant for design skills helps the team imbue Maine’s spirit into the cabins they work on. Like her younger brother Chase, Ashley picked up her expertise from her father. 

Ryan Eldrige:

Ryan Eldridge in Maine Cabin Masters

Ryan Eldridge, Ashley Morrill’s husband, has been the co-founder and foreman for the Kennebec Cabin Company since the show aired in 2017. He brings his immense renovation and carpentry skills to the show and even serves as the leader on some large-scale projects.

Matthew ‘Dixie’ Dix:

Matthew Dix in Maine Cabin Masters

A key member of the restoration crew, Matthew Dix goes by ‘Dixie’ on “Maine Cabin Masters.” Although more mysterious than other cast members, Dixie has been an integral part of the project renovation process since the beginning of the show.

Jared “Jedi” Baker:

Jared Baker in Maine Cabin Masters

Jared Baker goes by “Jedi” on “Maine Cabin Masters” and joined the team as part of their renovation crew later on in the show. He is a significant character in all of the latest episodes and will likely be featured in the future seasons.

Will there be a Season 8 of “Maine Cabin Masters?”

With a show that’s gone on for seven seasons over the last five years, will “Maine Cabin Masters” be renewed for another season? As loyal fans bite their nails, we’re here to say that the future looks hopeful. 

While season eight is expected as there was no termination of the show in season seven, currently, the Magnolia Network and other streaming platforms are expectantly waiting for an official announcement of the show’s status. Although there have been no official announcements of the show being renewed for another season, there have been no announcements of an official cancellation for the show either. 

In other words, there is still a chance you will get to enjoy your favorite cabin renewers back doing what they do best for another season. Eager BuddyTV fans will get an update the second the show’s makers officially renew season eight. Till then, fingers crossed!

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