“7 Little Johnstons” is an American reality television series that closely follows the real life of the Johnston family members, who all live with achondroplasia dwarfism. According to TLC, based in Forsyth, Georgia, the Johnstons are considered the world’s largest family living with achondroplasia dwarfism. Since its release in 2015, “7 Little Johnstons” has had a staggering 11-season run and become a popular and beloved reality TV show.

The 11th season of “7 Little Johnstons” premiered on TLC on  March 15th, 2022, with episodes every Tuesday at 9:00 PM EST. You can watch the latest episodes on the TLC website with a valid cable login. If you do not have cable, you can stream “7 Little Johnstons” on subscription-based streaming platforms such as Discovery+ Amazon, Discovery Plus, Spectrum On Demand, DIRECTV, and TLC.  Additionally, you can purchase individual episodes or entire seasons in HD on Amazon or Apple TV

Fans are in for a surprise in season 11, as the Johnstons welcome an eighth member to their crew – Joose, a 17-year-old Finnish foreign exchange student who also lives with achondroplasia dwarfism. The reality show is ready for a cultural shift as Joose attempts to embrace American culture while teaching the Johnstons about his Finnish heritage. The new addition to the family guarantees a joyful and entertaining new season for viewers.  

About The “7 Little Johnstons” Family

Achondroplasia, which means “without cartilage formation,” is a genetic condition that leads to short-limb dwarfism, wherein the upper parts of arms and legs are shorter than the lower portions of those limbs. It occurs when cartilage tissue does not develop in the bones of the limbs. However, as the world’s biggest little family, the Johnstons have repeatedly shown that they tackle all obstacles head-on without letting their height get in the way. 

Trent and Amber Johnston

Trent and Amber Johnston

Amber Johnston:

Amber is the 43-year-old Matriarch of America’s favorite little family. She is a licensed realtor at Washburn & Associates, located in Middle, Georgia. She has over six years of experience working as a realtor. Her Zillow profile reads, “​​Amber Johnston is dedicated to getting you the results you deserve, whether it is listing and selling your property or finding you the perfect property to call home.” Prior to being a full-time realtor, Amber was a full-time home-maker and an active community member. She headed the parent-teacher association and the girl scouts. 

Trent Johnston:

Trent, 46, is Amber’s husband and beloved father of five. While Trent’s LinkedIn profile states he worked as the Director of Landscape Management at Clayton State University, in season 10, episode five, Trent decided to become a car salesman at a local car dealership. The little couple, Amber and Trent, shared an Instagram post in August 2021 to announce Trent’s first car sale. He was unhappy at his first job and claimed the former job was a source of intense physical and mental pain. 

7 Little Johnston - Kids holding frame

Jonah, Emma, Elizabeth, Anna, and Alex Johnston

Jonah Johnston:

At 22, Jonah is the eldest of the five children. At present, Jonah works as a car salesman at Butler Toyota in Macon, Georgia. This is the same dealership where his father, Trent, works. He is still dating his girlfriend Ashley, with whom he went public on the January 5 episode of “7 Little Johnstons” in 2021. Jonah has recently moved out of his parent’s home to get a place for himself.

In the past, his parents claimed that having him around all the time was “difficult,” hence, his move was ideal for both him and his parents. In part, Jonah has moved out to get some more privacy. He has also considered moving to another state to be with his long-distance girlfriend. In the latest season, Jonah experimented with a drug called “Delta 8” and experienced quite a bad trip.

Thankfully, before things got too out of control, Jonah was able to contact his parents and send his location to them in a panicked phone call. Finally, he was located and safely taken back home. Once sober, Jonah recounted his terrifying experience and claimed that he did not plan to retake Delta 8 ever again. 

Anna Johnston:

Anna is the second eldest sibling in the Johnston household. She recently turned 22 and is only slightly younger than Jonah. In addition to appearing on the show, Anna has a strong social media following and sells handmade jewelry online. Her jewelry Instagram account is called “fizz4passion.” In one of the latest episodes of season 11, Anna accidentally confessed to having an average-sized boyfriend named Kyle. 

Elizabeth Johnston:

Elizabeth, at 20, is the second eldest daughter of the household and set to be a future nurse, something she is passionate about. Liz has also moved out of her parents’ home to Johnstonville, Georgia. She claims that moving out has improved her relationship with her parents. She’s trying to find the ideal work-life balance by managing her school commitments as well as a serious relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Brice Bolden. 

Emma Johnston:

Emma is 16, making her one of the youngest members of the Johnston family. She is currently finishing high school, similar to her brother Alex. Emma already enjoys a substantial social media following. She also loves to dance on TikTok and has her own shop called “Emma’s Rings ‘n Things.” Clearly, she is no ordinary teenager. 

Alex Johnston:

Lastly, Alex is the youngest member of the Johnston family. As a 16-year-old teenager, Alex is known for being a little prankster. Alex had brain surgery in 2017 and has since made a full recovery. In fact, he is now an entrepreneur and sells his creative origami pieces on Etsy through a shop named AlexPaperCo.

Which of the “7 Little Johnstons” are Adopted?

Trent and Amber have two biological children – Jonah Johnston and Elizabeth Johnston – and three adopted children – Anna, Alex, and Emma from Russia, South Korea, and China, respectively. While all the Johnstons have achondroplasia, they are truly an ethnically, nationally, and racially diverse family. In the past, Trent explained that Amber “suffered complications during both her deliveries,” leading to them considering adoption as a safer method to expand their family. 

The Johnstons have considered adopting more children on multiple occasions. However, Trent has expressed some concerns over adopting yet another young child. He does not want to be a retired man still worried about having a kid in grade school.

What do the “7 Little Johnstons” do for a Living?

Apart from being celebrities and starring on their own reality television, the Johnstons also have alternate careers. Amber is a realtor planning to go back to school. Trent and Jonah both work as car salesmen at a local car dealership in Georgia. Additionally, Elizabeth plans to become a nurse, while Anna runs a successful jewelry business. Even the youngest Johnstons are no exception as they run their own gigs. Emma has her own brand called “Emma’s Rings ‘n Things,” and Alex sells his origami creations on Etsy. 

How Much are the 7 Johnstons Worth?

According to Terence Michael, a reality TV show producer, reality TV show families such as the Johnstons “typically earn 10% of each episode’s budget.” So depending on the budget of each episode, the Johnstons can be making anywhere between $24K and $45K per episode. Further, their home was worth approximately $486,000 in 2020.

Their earnings from the TV show, combined with their individual jobs and businesses, makes their net worth anywhere between $1 and $5 million. The MDDailyRecord says they are worth $3 million.

How Many Episodes and Seasons of “7 Little Johnstons” are There?

“7 Little Johnstons” has had an impressive 11-season run, and season 12 is already confirmed. Each season has between 8 and 11 episodes, with most seasons having eight episodes. Typically, each episode is an hour-long. In total, there are 93 episodes, making it a perfect show to binge-watch if you haven’t already. 

The latest season premiered on March 15, 2022, and had a series finale on May 3, 2022. Season 11 saw some major life changes for the Johnstons and introduced an eighth little member all the way from Finland. The Finnish exchange student is all set to introduce viewers to some Finnish culture.

When Does “7 Little Johnstons” Season 12 Come Out?

The popular series is scheduled to return for a 12th season. Fans cannot get enough of the Johnstons, as many of them have complained about the relatively few episodes in each season. 

TLC recently confirmed season 12 and announced the release date. “7 Little Johnstons” season 12 will premiere on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, at 9 PM ET/PT.

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