“Family Karma” is a riveting show that’s definitely worth watching. It’s no wonder viewers love it, as shown by the positive reviews on major entertainment websites. It’s about the lives of a group of young Indian Americans who live and work in Miami. This reality TV series showcases BravoTV’s vision to produce engaging and dramatic shows.

What’s fascinating is that the show talks about something that hasn’t been seen on TV before. Its premise focuses on the lives of several families who provide different insights into what being an Indian means. There’s also a focus on the parents of the young adults since intergenerational dynamics come up a lot. Some parents still believe in traditional values like arranged marriages. The differences between parents’ and children’s beliefs and the aunties’ gossip mill create fun-to-watch drama.

This guide talks about characters in “Family Karma,” its premise, whether Bravo TV will extend it for a new season, and the number of seasons and episodes released since its debut. We also focus on where to watch and why BuddyTV has everything you need to know about your favorite shows.

Main Cast and Characters of “Family Karma”

Bravo’s hit reality show comes with many intriguing characters who add spice to its premise. Children of families who emigrated from India and settled in Miami form the bulk of the main characters. They’re young adults looking to balance the traditions of their upbringing, their parents’ expectations, and a new reality in America.

These are the main cast members and a few details about each of them.

Amrit Kapai

Amrit Kapai in Family Karma

He’s a level-headed member of the group and a legal professional in his mid-30s. Amrit shares a strong bond with his longtime boyfriend, Nicholas Kouchoukos. The duo wants to take the relationship to the next level by making a big commitment. He feels that the sky is the limit for his career as he works tirelessly to become a partner at his law firm. After living in Chicago for close to eight years, this character undoubtedly makes waves in the legal space. He helped his law firm establish a new branch. CrossFit events are one of his favorite past times.

Anisha Ramakrishna

Anisha Ramakrishna in Family Karma

She’s an ambitious star with unique qualities that make her stand out. Born on September 22, 1984, Anisha and her family relocated to Miami when she was still a minor. The reality TV star has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Florida International University. Later, she earned a master’s degree at Herbert Business School. Her biography shows that she spent a considerable time in New York before going back to Miami. In New York City, the star worked as a vice president of product development at a clothing company. Anisha’s approach to life hasn’t been as traditional as her family expects. For instance, she chose to freeze her eggs while building a career.

Bali Chainani

Bali Chainani in Family Karma

She’s another intriguing “Family Karma” character with a fascinating career experience. In the TV show, she’s busy exploring romantic interests and promising business engagements. Her marriage life in Bombay was full of drama. According to her biography, the reality show star used to live in the bustling Indian city before relocating to Miami. While in Asia, Bali got married to a successful businessman at the age of 22. Their union lasted for 10 years and produced a child. However, things didn’t end well as the couple divorced. Bali quickly found love in Miami and married her second husband, but things didn’t last long.

Brian Benni

Brian Benni in Family Karma

He’s another interesting character who helps tell the story of Indian American families in a way that keeps audiences glued to the screens. Brian was once a playboy who loved partying and having fun. His interesting story has made him a fan favorite, as he opens up to the world in the TV series. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida. On the other hand, he holds a biological science degree. The reality TV star has worked for several companies in various roles, including as an account executive for a tech company. While his career has taken off, Brian’s family didn’t expect him to make the life choices he did. So, they’re putting him under pressure to get married soon.

Shaan Patel

Shaan Patel in Family Karma

He’s the youngest member of the Indian American group of friends featured in the show. Shaan runs a business focusing on real estate and construction designing. At the same time, he hails from a successful Indian family that settled in Miami. The character has a habit of breaking some Indian traditions. For instance, he decided to move out of the family home before getting married.

Vishal Parvani

Vishal Parvani in Family Karma

Born on May 12, 1986, Vishal is a successful businessman and reality TV star. He experienced significant ups and downs in “Family Karma” season two as he worked to improve his love life and career. As far as his love life goes, Vishal and his fiance were in a rocky relationship because they kept ending and restarting it. However, he hasn’t allowed his relationship woes to affect his business ambitions. As a result, he has found his feet in real estate. On the show, he appears alongside his mother and father. Members of the Parvani family try to keep much of their personal lives private. For instance, they haven’t shared information about other family members.

Dillon Patel

Dillon Patel in Family Karma

He appeared on the show for the first time in season two as Anisha’s best friend and Shaan Patel’s sibling. The star is a senior manager at a tech company in San Francisco and owns a lifestyle brand, DilPop. Before kick-starting his career and a business venture, the younger Patel studied economics at Duke University. After years of living outside of Miami, he finally decided to join the rest of his family at the Patel compound. Dillon joined the reality TV series at a time when most members of the group were grappling with the parents’ or grandparents’ interference.

Rish Karam

Rish Karam in Family Karma

Born on May 29, 1993, Rish comes from a family of jewelry merchants with retail outlets in New Jersey and South Florida. He has two brothers, Karan and Sonit Karam, who’re very close to him. When it comes to his love life, he started a relationship with Monica Vaswani after she ended things with another cast member Brian Benni. Rish and Monica have a long history that dates back to their childhood years.

Recurring and Guest Characters of “Family Karma”

The show has several recurring and guest cast members to know about. Parents and family members of the main characters take part in the show as recurring and guest cast members.

These are the stars with recurring and guest roles in the show.

Monica Shah

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Dr. Monica Shah is a recurring character in season two and Brian Benni’s current girlfriend.

Richa Sadana

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In her recurring role, Richa came under the spotlight thanks to her romantic relationship with Vishal. Even though their relationship was rocky, the couple faced enormous pressure to tie the knot. Fortunately, they were willing to find solutions to their problems to rescue the relationship. She holds a law degree from the University of Miami and worked as a lawyer in Miami before she quit the field. For her, joining the cast of a reality TV show was more than a dream come true since she has always been a fan of Bravo reality shows.

Nicholas Kouchoukos

Nicholas Kouchoukos and Amrit Kapai

Nicholas Kouchoukos and Amrit Kapai

The star is in a relationship with Amrit Kapai, and they once separated because Kouchoukos had to relocate to another city leaving behind his loved one. Fortunately, the couple managed to find a way to keep the romance going, albeit from a distance. Many fans expressed concern that the situation was going to break them apart. But, Nicholas eventually moved in with Amrit in Miami. All of this happened in the second season of “Family Karma.” Nick has a master’s degree in accounting, which he earned at Western Michigan University.

Nick Benni

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In season one, Nick (Brian’s brother) appeared in the reality TV series as a guest before earning a recurring role in season two. Popularly known as the party boy, there’s no doubt that he’s a fun and outgoing character. But, his maturity is beginning to show now that he’s gone home and settled down. The star runs a business venture and works as an information technology consultant.

Where Can You Watch “Family Karma?”

There are several networks and video streaming platforms where you can watch this riveting TV show. Bravo TV provides access to the latest “Family Karma” episodes. At the same time, streaming options include:

  • Vudu
  • Amazon Video
  • NBC.com
  • Sling TV
  • Peacock
  • FuboTV

Will There Be a “Family Karma” Season 3?

Although BravoTV is yet to talk about renewing “Family Karma” for a third season, the possibility is still high given the show’s popularity. The second season which started on June 2, 2021, was a big hit for Bravo.

How Many Episodes and Seasons of “Family Karma” Are There?

As of July 14, 2021, “Family Karma” aired two seasons, consisting of 17 episodes total. The first season ran eight episodes since the release date (March 8, 2020), while the second season aired nine episodes, which premiered on June 2, 2021, and last aired on July 28, 2021.

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