From the thrill of the big city to life on the farm, Molly Yeh shares some of her favorite recipes from her kitchen. If you are looking for down-to-earth, home-cooked meals to prepare for your family, then it’s time to catch up with everything on “Girl Meets Farm.” You can watch this Food Network favorite Sundays at 11. Or, if you prefer watching online, check it out on Discovery+, Hulu, and VUDU. You can also buy episodes on AppleTV and Amazon Prime Video.

If recipes are what you’re after, you can check out the “Girl Meets Farm” page on FoodNetwork’s website. There you can find recipes for some of Molly’s best dishes, including her Bear-y Cookie Salad, Challah bread, and her Chicken Pot Hotdish. However, recipes are only part of what makes both Molly and “Girl Meets Farm” a worthwhile watch. 

What Is “Girl Meets Farm” About?

“Girl Meets Farm” is a Food Network cooking show that takes place in the kitchen of cookbook author and food blogger Molly Yeh. Taking inspiration from her Jewish and Chinese heritage, Molly is known for dishes that are just as fun to make as they are to eat. Her signature style includes adding rainbow sprinkles to desserts for an extra pop of color and pizzaz.

Each week Molly takes viewers through a handful of delicious dishes that are easy to remake at home. Molly regularly cooks for her friends and family during the show, as well as cooking for specific events. For example, the very first episode of “Girl Meets Farm” featured recipes for a baby shower buffet. This included dishes such as donuts with rhubarb, blood orange, and blueberry glaze, fish tacos with cabbage slaw, and pigs in a blanket with harissa ketchup.

Molly lives on a beet farm on the Minnesota – North Dakota border with her husband Nick Hagen. Naturally, midwestern farm life influences “Girl Meets Farm.” Now that she has a taste of the Midwest, Molly tries to expand her friend’s pallets with flavors from around the world. Trying to get her mother-in-law to like Tahini is a running joke throughout the series. While “Girl Meets Farm” has a similar feel to “The Pioneer Woman,” Molly makes the show feel relatable for younger audiences with her unique humor.

About Molly Yeh

Molly Yeh - Girl Meets Farm

Molly Yeh grew up in Glenview, Illinois. Her mother is Jewish, and her father is Chinese, two cultures she draws a lot of inspiration from in her cooking. She also has two sisters, one of whom is a chef. Cooking wasn’t always Molly’s biggest focus. When she was younger, Molly was an award-winning percussionist. 

Molly attended Juilliard School in New York City, where she graduated in 2011. In 2014 she married fellow Juilliard attendee Nick Hagan, a fifth-generation midwestern farmer. Shortly afterward, the couple moved from the big city to East Grand Forks, Minnesota. In 2018 Molly and Nick welcomed their first daughter, Bernie, then welcomed their second daughter, Ira, in 2022.

Even while attending school for music, Molly was an avid foodie. She started blogging about food on Instagram back in 2009 and quickly gained a following. She began developing recipes and even won awards for her photography. Before too long, Molly was well known in the culinary world and worked with a handful of big sponsors. Then in 2016, she published her cookbook, Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm.

The success of her cookbook not only won her the Judges’ Choice IACP Cookbook Award in 2017, but it was also the first step to getting her a Food Network show. The first season of “Girl Meets Farm” premiered in 2018. She has also hosted the “Ben and Jerry’s Clash of the Cones” in 2021 and the “Spring Baking Championship” in 2022. “Girl Meets Farm” recently finished season 10 and will announce the premiere date of season 11 soon.

Where Does “Girl Meets Farm” Take Place?

In 2013, Molly and her farmer-boy husband, Nick, decided to move back to rural Minnesota. Soon after, the couple moved into an old farmhouse that used to belong to Nick’s grandmother. It is on a sugar beet farm near the border of North Dakota. 

Each episode of “Girl Meets Farm” films in Molly’s adorable kitchen. It’s just the right size for cooking meals and shows off Molly’s unique style with her classic mint green fridge. Molly and Nick have been renovating the farmhouse for a while. After the birth of their second daughter in 2022, the couple decided to get a little bit of help. Molly has teamed up with HGTV’s Joanna Gains for a special called “Molly Yeh’s Magnolia Adventure,” which will air on Food Network. 

How Many Episodes and Seasons of “Girl Meets Farm” Are There?

Currently, there are 124 episodes of “Girl Meets Farm” over the course of 10 seasons. Like most cooking tv shows, the focus of each episode is learning how to cook something new. Recipes are the main focus, and how you can incorporate these recipes into your everyday life. This lends for fun-themed episodes that focus on specific events, holidays, or flavors.

Girl Meets Farm - Season 10

What Happened in Season 10 of “Girl Meets Farm?”

Season 10 offers 13 great episodes that bring a variety of amazing recipes. Here are the episodes from season 10 and the recipes that Molly shares.

  1. Winter Spa Day: Tangy English muffin jam rolls, miso salmon grain bowls, harissa roasted carrot dip with seedy cheese crackers, and Molly’s black sesame buckeyes. 
  2. Northern Plains Practice on the Farm: Spaghetti and juicy Lucy meatballs, marinated bean salad, charred broccolini with homemade ricotta, and Italian bakery cookies.
  3. Let’s Get Cozy: Chicken and dumpling soup, no-knead salami bread, citrus and greens salad with wonton croutons, and cookies in a bowl with ice cream. 
  4. Lunar New Year: Dan dan noodles, sprinkly almond cookies, lucky baloney egg rolls, and orange chicken.
  5. Hawk-ey Party: Sparkly strawberry churros, al pastor taco salad with spicy salsa verde rance, cheese-crusted fajita veggie quesadillas, and charred corn 7-layer dip.
  6. Molly’s Farm-y Valentine: Brussels sprout risotto with lemony white beans, cherry-chocolate egg cream, chocolate-tahini fudge cake, and rosemary rib roast with creamy gremolata. 
  7. Molly’s Sprinkle: Sprinkle-y glazed yeasted donuts, chicken caesar wraps with crispy cheese, lentil soup in bread bowls, and grape slushie floats.
  8. That’s Sno-Problem: Fried walleye sandwiches with homemade potato buns, ham and egg potato salad with charred scallions, and oatmeal cream pies.
  9. Purim Pizza Pool Party: Giant spumoni hamantaschen, sour cream and onion-onion rings, stuffed crust Purim pickle pizza, and creamy white bean dip with charred peppers.
  10. Sister, Sister: Baklava blondies, yogurty marinated chicken skewers, skordalia, and friend feta greek salad pitas.
  11. Campy Talent Show: Mozzarella Mac and Cheese, S’mores ice cream pie, sausage and broccoli pesto packets, and homemade squeeze cheese and crackers.
  12. Birthday Bagel Brunch: Fluffy pistachio cake with cream cheese frosting and donut bagels, bacon, chocolate halva smoothies, smoked whitefish dip, and bacon, egg, and cheese bagels.
  13. Spring Passover Shenanigans: Passover popover salad with honey poppyseed dressing, brisket hotdish, mixed berry matzo brie, and matzo magic bars.

Will There Be a Season 11 of “Girl Meets Farm?”

There are currently no official announcements for season 11 of “Girl Meets Farm.” However, there have also not been any official cancellations for the show either. So, stay up to date with news for “Girl Meets Farm” on BuddyTV.

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