In the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “Red Dirt,” Madison appears to be using Troy and attempting to take over as leader of the ranch. We’ve seen her try to do this before at the hotel, but she failed when Travis went crazy. So, will she succeed this time around? And what is her goal after that, besides staying alive?

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Madison is in mourning. Someone killed Travis and she wants that person or people to pay. She believes it’s the Indians, and it appears she’s using the ranch as her sort of army to take down that group. I know that anger, hurt and pain can drive a person to get stronger, and even do things they normally wouldn’t do, but I have to wonder if there is something else going on with Madison. Revenge can’t be her end goal, because what happens if she does successfully usurp Jeremiah, Troy and Jake? She would be leader of the ranch, but she has no experience leading a group. She was a school counselor before the apocalypse, so perhaps she can use those experiences. But it takes a strong person to lead, and I just don’t think Madison is ready.


Perhaps Madison is just getting people on her side because she wants to stay at the ranch. Maybe she thinks there’s security there. But I know she’s leery of the Ottos, which is why she wants to take over the reigns. She knows that Jeremiah is a little off his rocker with his end of the world propaganda and tendencies toward domestic violence. She also knows that Troy is crazy, but easy to control. And Jake is just trying to keep the peace. Perhaps Jake could be her key, but now that Alicia has taken a liking to Jake, things could get messy.

Though things seem secure at the ranch, it’s clear it’s not safe. The Indians want their land back, and they will kill anyone in their way. Madison feels that if the community at the ranch joins her in the fight to save their land, then she can get not only the security that she wants back, but perhaps she’ll get the group’s respect.


Madison likes to control people. She likes for people to view her a certain way. Before the apocalypse, Madison was caring for her drug-addicted son, but she didn’t want people to know who he was. She controls her daughter too. But both of her children are realizing that sometimes Madison doesn’t always know best. Nick left the first Mexican compound they stayed at because he didn’t agree with Madison’s plans and thinking. Alicia stayed, but during their time at the Mexican resort, she quickly realized she wasn’t number one in her mother’s eyes, Nick and Travis were.

Thought her children are back together with her at the ranch, they still seem to be slipping away. Alicia is exploring her options with Jake, while Nick is torn between staying with his family or going out to find his lover Luciana. Madison realizes this, and I guess feels like she needs to take better control of the situation by leading the ranch community into a battle they may or may not be ready for. She feels like she can gain power that way.


Maybe Madison’s end goal is to get her life back to normal, whatever that is now. Perhaps she feels like if she can take over the ranch and keep the land safe from the Indians, then maybe everyone can live in peace and harmony.

But every Walking Dead fan knows that normalcy and peace don’t last very long. There are always more groups out there, some good and some bad.

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So what will happen if Madison does successfully take over the ranch? Will the community members respect her? Will they cooperate and agree with her decisions?

And if she doesn’t succeed, what happens then? Will she and her family leave the community? Perhaps she’ll just have to leave. Maybe Alicia will choose to stay with Jake, while Nick will search for Luciana. And then Madison will be alone. Would she be able to survive on her own?

The possibilities for Madison are endless. I honestly think she won’t be successful, and somehow her meddling will make things worst for the Ottos and their community, as it did with the resort. I just can’t see her leading an entire community the same way Rick does on the Walking Dead.

I’m sure the mid-season 3 finale will answer some questions as to Madison’s end goal, and if she’ll be successful in whatever plan she’s got cooking.

What do you think Madison’s end goal is? Do you think she would make a good leader of the ranch? Do you think that’s even what she wants? Do you think she will successfully save the ranch from an Indian takeover? Let us know in the comments below.

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