When the Netflix series “Tiny Pretty Things” premiered in mid-December of 2020, expectations were high that this was certainly the next big thing from Netflix. 

True to the hype, it didn’t take so long before the show claimed a top spot on the global ranking of Netflix shows to watch. The glory was short-lived — for just eight days — before it was unseated by another Netflix original, “Bridgerton.”

Season one of the show ended with tons of unresolved drama — as well as a cliffhanger — and for a show with such hype, expectations were that the show would renew for a second season.

It’s been months since the finale of the first season, however, and there is no news yet about a second season. 

Where has the show gone? Has it been canceled or will it renew for another season? Here’s all we know about what happened to “Tiny Pretty Things.”

What is “Tiny Pretty Things” About?

Created by Michael MacLennan, the mystery-drama series “Tiny Pretty Things” is an adaptation of a novel with the same title — written by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. It has often been described as a cross between “Black Swan” and “Pretty Little Liars.”

The storyline is told around the cutthroat competition that high-school films are usually known for. 

Following the tragic fall of Cassie Shore — one of the students at Archer School of Ballet, a Chicago-based ballet academy, Neveah Stroyer is picked by the school’s board to fill Cassie’s spot. 

Neveah soon discovers that beyond being an oasis for building budding prima ballerinas, the elite ballet academy is fraught with high-level conspiracy, lies, deceit, and backstabbing. Furthermore, she would also discover the perplexing events that led to her being awarded the scholarship after her application had been previously rejected.

From the first episode (where you meet Cassie and Neveah) to the last episode, “Tiny Pretty Things” gave lovers of scandalous and messy teen drama enough to desire more, but the question that begs an answer is: where does all that lead?

Where Can You Watch “Tiny Pretty Things?”

All ten episodes of “Tiny Pretty Things” in season one are available to watch on Netflix

What Age is “Tiny Pretty Things” Appropriate For?

There’s a little controversy around who makes the ideal audience of “Tiny Pretty Things” — and the reason isn’t far-fetched. Ordinarily, being a teen drama series, one would think that the content should be more suited to Gen Z — young adults between the ages of 10 and 25. However, the drama series crosses many lines with various adult themes like obscene language, violence, explicit nudity, and sex. The show is rated TV-MA, meaning it is for a mature audience.

About the Main Characters of “Tiny Pretty Things”

“Tiny Pretty Things” features characters with radically distinctive traits. Below is a quick highlight of some of the characters of the show.

Monique Dubois:

Monique Dubois

Blue eyes and blonde hair, Monique Dubois is a former ballet dancer turned director of the most reputable ballet school in Chicago — The Archer School of Ballet. Driven by ambition, Monique excels at bringing the best out of her students. However, the character has a dark side. Monique preys upon and manipulates young male students — like Ramon Costa and her new catch, Caleb Wick — into having intimate relations with her. The character is portrayed by Lauren Holly. Lauren is renowned for her roles in “Any Given Sunday,” “What Women Want,” and “Dumb and Dumber.”

Cassie Shore:

Cassie Shore

Cassie Shore is the star student of Archer School of Ballet, and she is undoubtedly everyone’s biggest rival in the academy. The character is portrayed by Anna Maiche. We meet Cassie at the beginning of the show, where she is involved in an incident that puts her in a coma. While the incident is being investigated, Cassie’s spot is given to Neveah. From then, we don’t see much of Cassie until she comes out of her coma toward the end of the series. Only then does it also become clear who was responsible for her tragic incident.

Neveah Stroyer:

Neveah Stroyer

At age 16, Neveah is a talented girl from Inglewood, California, who is determined to become a prima ballerina. By a stroke of luck, Niveah gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study in the prestigious ballet academy, Archer School. From her first dance class, she is introduced to a world of intense competition — the kind she has never seen. Kylie Jefferson portrays the character.

Delia Whitlaw:

Delia Whitlaw

Former Archer School of Ballet’s principal dancer, Delia, is Bette Whitlaw’s older sister. The character is portrayed by Tory Trowbridge. Delia is borderline sociopathic stemming from her desire to gain everyone’s acceptance. She is responsible for Cassie’s fall off the roof, but she covers it up and makes her sister take the fall for it. The rivalry between Delia and Bette is one to look forward to in this series.

Elizabeth “Bette” Whitlaw:

Bette Whitlaw

Elizabeth Whitlaw is a young and ambitious “music box ballerina.” The character is portrayed by ace American actress and model Casimere Jollette. Casimere Jollette’s character explores the inner struggles of dealing with parents who compare their kids with other siblings — sometimes children from other families. Bette has lived her entire life playing second-fiddle to her older sister, the fast-rising ballet star, Delia. Determined to excel at dancing, she applies and gains admission into Archer School of Ballet, where her sister is an alumna. With Delia staying in town, Bette has to deal with the rivalry that exists in Archer School between the ballet dancers and the lifelong rivalry between herself and her sister, Delia.

June Park:

June Park

Portrayed by Daniela Norman, June Park is a petite dancer raised by her single mother, Maricel Park. June’s relationship with her mom soon goes south due to her resolve to pursue a career in dancing and remain in Archer School. June files for emancipation from her mom and is left to the harsh realities of surviving all by herself. One of the beautiful personality traits that endear us to this character is her determination. 

Shane McRae:

Shane McRae

Of all the students of the elite ballet school, Shane seems like the only guy able to cope well with all the pressure that comes with being in Archer school. Shane is gay and in a secret sexual relationship with his roommate, Oren Lennox. The role is played by Canadian actor, Brennan Clost. 

Nabil Limyadi:

Nabil Limyadi

Born in Malaysia, but raised in France, Nabil Limyadi comes to us as a character with some high-level potential and an intimidating level of power. Nabil meets and falls in love with Cassie Shore and their relationship made him relocate to America so he could attend Archer School alongside Cassie. The character is portrayed by American actor and dancer, Michael Hsu Rosen.  

Other key characters of the show include:

  • Caleb Wick as portrayed by Damon J. Gillespie: Caleb is a talented dancer and student who secretly has an affair with the headmistress of the Archer School of Ballet.
  • Ramon Costa as portrayed by Bayardo De Murguia: Ramon is a professional choreographer and former dancer
  • Isabel Cruz as portrayed by Jess Salgueiro: Isabel is a police officer who is investigating Cassie’s case.
  • Oren Lennox as portrayed by Barton Cowperthwaite: Oren is a ballet dancer who suffers from an eating disorder.

Has “Tiny Pretty Things” Been Canceled or Will it Return for a Season 2?

It appears Netflix has quietly canceled the show. While Netflix has no official statement to that effect, some evidence supports this fact.

In a video that has been trending on YouTube, Brennan Clost — who portrayed Shane McRae in the series — stated that the show’s producers decided “Tiny Pretty Things” won’t be renewed for a second season shortly after the show premiered. The question is, why hasn’t Netflix said anything yet?

“Netflix told us they were not going to announce it because the way that Netflix content works is that it is evergreen on their platform. It will stay up forever on Netflix. They didn’t want to take away from the discoverability of the show,” said Brennan. “If people know that a show isn’t coming back for a second season, more often than not they’re not going to choose not to watch it —they don’t want to get attached,” Brennan explained.

He went on to say, “That’s also sort of the same reason why, as a cast, we discussed it with our producers, our showrunner, with each other — we decided to keep it quiet that the show wasn’t coming back.”

Now that there’s some evidence that “Tiny Pretty Things” might have been canceled, what’s still unclear to both fans and cast members is why the show producers made that decision.

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