Now that Netflix has released all of the episodes of “Ozark” season 4, you’re probably wondering what’s next. Is there going to be an “Ozark” season 5? Sadly, no. 

Most shows ending in cliffhangers typically have some kind of follow-up story. Will we be so lucky?

Netflix hasn’t announced any intention of continuing this drama. In fact, they’ve done just the opposite.

We can follow the breadcrumbs that point to season 5 of “Ozark” not coming to fruition.

Exhibit A. The Ozark farewell video…

Exhibit B. Ozark Cast and Crew Interviews

The following interviews all point to the “Ozark” series ending with season 4.

Jason Bateman

Bateman has this to say to Deadline while speaking about the season 4 renewal of “Ozark.”

“A super-sized season means super-sized problems for the Byrdes. I’m excited to end with a bang.”

When Bateman appeared on Jimmy Fallon to discuss season 4, he said “We’re going to do 14 episodes instead of 10, and we’re going to split them up in two, so it’ll be seven and seven. So it really will be like season four and season five, but they’re shorter.”

Chris Mundy

Chris Mundy has given several interviews leading up to season 4 of “Ozark” that point to the series ending.

He made the following statements to Deadline about the series coming to an end.

“We’re so happy Netflix recognized the importance of giving Ozark more time to end the Byrdes’ saga right. It’s been such a great adventure for all of us — both on screen and off — so we’re thrilled to get the chance to bring it home in the most fulfilling way possible.”

Mundy had this to say in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after Part One was released:

“I always want closure. I don’t want to feel messed with. I want to feel like, ‘OK, that was the end.’ So, hopefully, people will feel closure by the end—whether they like it or not, I don’t know. In terms of tone, we’re going deeper into the family and their bonds. Is family the ultimate bond? Is friendship? Is marriage? At what point is it almost unhealthy to stay, even if you love somebody? We’re going to delve into that with Marty and Wendy. Hopefully, the back half will still be fun and exciting, but also really emotional for the Byrdes and Ruth.”

How about an Ozark spin-off?

Now that “Ozark” season 4, part 2 has been released, there are still some questions to be answered. Most “Ozark” fans are wondering what comes next if anything.

As of date, Netflix hasn’t announced anything official.

However, Chris Mundy did mention the following when asked about a potential spin-off.

“It’s certainly something that’s been floated by various people. Never say never, but right now we want to make sure we land this one as well as we possibly can.”

Fans will have to wait and see for now.

Jimmy P

Senior Editor, BuddyTV