“Pivoting” is a Fox comedy TV series that follows three middle-aged lady friends after they lose the fourth member of their group, Coleen, to an untimely death. Rocked by Coleen’s passing, the remaining friends dive into their own midlife crises, “Pivoting” in major ways to find true happiness and live their best lives. 

Set in the modern era in Long Island, N.Y., the show shamelessly and boldly portrays potentially ill-advised life choices, ranging from odd career changes to marital affairs, while balancing itself out with the characters’ attempts to be better mothers and better friends. 

The show was created by Liz Astrof, making for a fun, female-empowering sitcom viewers have loved and raved about. With episode titles like “My Friend Died!” “The Giving Tree,” “Hell on Wheels,” “D Day,” “The Three Bleepin’ Bleeps,” “Bounce Baby,” “Doompa-Dee Doo,” “Fans Only,” and “Coleen in a Box,” it’s apparent why fans would find comic, cathartic relief in this show about the aftermath of a death.

Season one of “Pivoting” premiered on January 9, 2022, and the last episode aired on March 10, 2022. The executive producers (Liz Astrof, Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, and Tristram Shapeero) created this half-hour single-camera comedy series in 2020, which was picked up by Fox in May 2021.

So what has happened since that last episode came out in March? This article will explain whether or not “Pivoting” might be renewed and where you can watch season one episodes, along with detailed information on the cast. Keep reading for the latest information.

Why Did “Pivoting” Get Canceled After Season 1?

Well, it wasn’t the show itself that was the problem, at least not according to the network or the show’s critical reception. “Pivoting” still has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite the high ratings received for “Pivoting,” that wasn’t enough for Fox to secure a renewal for a second season. 

Finances and business politics are the main reasons the show was canceled after season one. Fox initially entered into negotiations to renew the single-camera show. Fox wanted to cut costs, for example, by moving the set from Los Angeles to Vancouver, but the cast was unwilling to relocate their families. There was also an attempt to reduce licensing costs, but again, this was for naught. Because the conditions for renewal were not met, “Pivoting” was canceled after just one season, and premiere dates for season two were never scheduled.

In the end, Fox decided to ax the show for these business reasons.

Where Can You Still Watch “Pivoting?”

You can watch all 10 episodes of season one of “Pivoting” with a subscription to Fox, Hulu, Spectrum, FuboTV, or YouTube TV. Episodes are also available to rent on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and VUDU.

About the Cast of “Pivoting”

“Pivoting” focuses on the lives of close-knit childhood friends, Amy (Eliza Coupe), Jodie (Ginnifer Goodwin), and Sarah (Maggie Q). Amy’s and Jodie’s husbands also play important roles, as does Jodie’s crush at the gym and the widower of Coleen, their deceased friend.

Below is a summary of these main characters and the talented actors who play them.

Eliza Coupe as Amy

Eliza Coupe as Amy  

Playing a career woman and mother with all the maternal instincts of a robot, Eliza Coupe is funny and intriguing as Amy. Eliza is an actress and comedian who is most well-known for her role as Jane Kerkovich-Williams in the single-camera comedy “Happy Endings,” as well as her role as Tiger in the Hulu comedy TV series “Futureman,” which was created by executive producers Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. 

While she doesn’t have kids herself and usually avoids motherly characters, she explained that she took the role of Amy in “Pivoting” because she likes that it portrays Amy as a woman first and also a mother, but not solely as just a mother. This different angle on the traditional motherhood comedy gave Eliza her first opportunity to shine as a maternal character.

In addition to her major starring roles, Eliza has also appeared on several TV shows, including recurring characters on “Scrubs,” “House of Lies,” and “Quantico.”

Ginnifer Goodwin as Jodie

Ginnifer Goodwin as Jodie

With a major crush on her trainer at the local gym and a full-fledged family at home, Jodie is a bit of a wreck as she explores her unfulfilled desires and tries to hide them from her husband. No spoilers here; this is just the beginning of the plotline that Ginnifer Goodwin dives into as Jodie, a stay-at-home mother of three.

Before taking on her self-deprecating and somewhat reckless role as Jodie, Ginnifer had made a name for herself in movies and TV for several different productions. Her best-known roles are her character Margene Heffman on the HBO series “Big Love” and her Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard character in the ABC fantasy show “Once Upon a Time.” She has also appeared in major films such as “Mona Lisa Smile,” “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!,” and “Walk the Line.”

Maggie Q as Sarah

Maggie Q as Sarah

Known by her stage name, Maggie Q, Margaret Denise Quigley plays Sarah, the third member of “Pivoting’s” group of close-knit childhood friends. Sarah is a 40-year-old ex-doctor and bisexual divorcee whose career vision is transformed by her friend Coleen’s death. 

Maggie has shared how she chooses her acting projects, carefully selecting roles that are truly right for her. Maggie Q has a fairly lengthy filmography and TV history, boasting starring roles in major films such as “Mission: Impossible III” and “Live Free or Die Hard,” as well as the title role in “Nikita,” an action TV series on The CW. 

Tommy Dewey as Henry (Amy’s husband)

When his wife Amy decides she needs to spend more time with their kids, Henry, played by Tommy Dewey, is the supportive, loving husband we can all root for. Tommy’s first major TV role was in 2004 as Greg on the Amanda Bynes comedy show “What I Like About You.” He has also had a recurring role on “The Mindy Project,” in addition to several other career roles. Tommy is a writer as well as an actor.

Robert Baker as Dan (Jodie’s husband)

Robert Baker’s role as Dan is relatively small but still important to the overall show. His palpable absence, marked by occasional appearances, is memorable thanks to Robert’s portrayal. Robert Baker doesn’t have the most well-known name in the industry, but he has had a long career, appearing in 20+ movies and 30+ television shows since 1999. He is best known for his roles in “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” and “Out of Time.” He also played a character in the video game “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.”

Colton Dunn as Brian (Coleen’s widower)

Colton Dunn may be one of the most recognizable faces on the show, although his character does have a fairly small role. Playing Brian, the widower of Coleen, Colton expertly handles the task of weeping alongside three eccentric women, all trying to comprehend their loved one’s death and move forward.

Colton is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer and actor. His most notable acting roles include his character Garrett McNeil on the NBC comedy series “Superstore,” as well as his characters on “Parks and Recreation” and “The League.” Behind the scenes, Colton has had a successful career as a comedy writer at “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “MADtv,” and “Key & Peele.”

JT Neal as Matt (Jodie’s crush)

Boy-faced and youthful, JT Neal plays Matt, the private trainer Jodie hires to help her get in shape and who soon becomes more. JT is an actor and writer better known to younger TV viewers as Justin in the teen sitcom “iCarly.” He has also enjoyed success as the recurring star character Jacob Bowman on the ABC sitcom “Bless This Mess” and the supporting character Mike in the Netflix film “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser.” His most recent appearance was on an episode of the TNT drama series “Animal Kingdom,” which will air sometime in 2022.

Will There Be a Season 2 of “Pivoting?”

“Pivoting” appears to be canceled for good, so there will not be a season two. Fox did hold negotiations to try to renew the show but ultimately decided that the series was not financially sustainable. When TV shows are canceled like this, they generally stay canceled.

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