“Messyness” is currently not airing new episodes. However, you can catch all the 20 episodes of “Messyness” season one on MTV. You can also stream the show when you buy or rent it on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, and Microsoft

Curious about what to expect? Then read on. In the following paragraphs, we’ll tell you all there is to know about the show — the creators, hosts, and the latest updates about its chances for another season.

What is “Messyness” About?

If you’re talking about the most debaucherous acts caught on camera, you’re probably tuned in to MTV at primetime, watching no comedy clip show other than “Messyness.” 

Just as the title suggests, “Messyness” showcases viral clips found on the internet displaying the indulgences associated with young adulthood — everything from nights out gone wrong to awkward proposals and the cheaters who got caught red-handed.

Host Nicole Polizzi is joined by co-hosts Tori Spelling, Teddy Ray, and Adam Rippon as they review trending goofy video clips.

Below is a quick outline of the episodes and titles you’ll see in season one — perhaps, you’ll get a picture of what to expect when watching the show.

  • Episode 1: “Wide Open Bar.”
  • Episode 2: “Drunk and Disorderly.”
  • Episode 3: “Hot Mess Summer.”
  • Episode 4: “Making of a Merkin.”
  • Episode 5: “Dads After Dark.”
  • Episode 6: “Personal Party Trainers.”
  • Episode 7: “Sexy Sauce.”
  • Episode 8: “Death of the Party.”
  • Episode 9: “To Dye For.”
  • Episode 10: “Liquid Courage.”
  • Episode 11: “Sneaky Drinkies.”
  • Episode 12: “Real Intimacy.”
  • Episode 13: “I’m Here, Bitches.”
  • Episode 14: “The New Me.”
  • Episode 15: “Drinking and Entering.”
  • Episode 16: “Vegas, Baby.”
  • Episode 17: “Seen It All.”
  • Episode 18: “Woke Up Like This.”
  • Episode 19: “Going Full Tori.”
  • Episode 20: “Bad and Bushy.”

Who Created “Messyness?”

“Messyness” comes from the stables of the producers of the hit show “Ridiculousness,” MTV — the cable channel greenlighted the show in 2021.

“Messyness” is produced by Gorilla Flicks and Thrill One Media, with Jessica Zalkind and Rachel Tung serving as executive producers.

Here’s a little about the executive producers of the show.

Jessica Zalkind:

Executive producer Jessica Zalkind is the senior vice president of talent and series development for MTV networks — a position she has held for more than a decade according to her Linkedin profile. Her profile also shows that she has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from George Washington University. Zalkind has well over 70 movie and TV show credits to her name — that’s a lot of experience she brings to the “Messyness” production team. 

Rachel Tung:

Rachel Tung is one of the more multifaceted people you’ll probably find in the entertainment industry. She is a model, fashion designer, presenter, and investor — among other things. Her YouTube profile also reads, “a world-class pianist,” a skill she claims she uses mostly for charity and humanitarian purposes. Tung holds a degree in literature and arts from Harvard University. She is also an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has about half a decade of experience working on Wall Street.

She has served as a producer or executive producer on several movie and TV shows such as “Mr. Romance,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” “She’s Got the Look,” “The Fashion Show,” and “Style by Jury,” among others. It may amaze you to know that despite such a busy profile, Tung still manages to show up on social media, frequently posting pictures and videos on her Instagram handle and YouTube channel, respectively — that’s some next-level versatility. 

How Many Seasons and Episodes Are There of “Messyness?”

“Messyness” made its debut on August 23, 2021, and so far, there’s been just one season of the show which has 20 episodes. The finale, “Bad and Bushy” streamed on January 27, 2022, and fans are sure to ask for more of the Ridiculousness spinoff. 

The good news is that “Messyness” will be back for another season. MTV renewed the show for a second season alongside food-focused spinoff series, “Deliciousness.” 

What remains unclear however is when exactly the new season will premiere. Our guess is that a new season is perhaps being produced already and fans can expect to hear some good news from the producers anytime soon — so stay tuned.

About the “Messyness” Hosts

As earlier mentioned, the show has four hosts — Nicole Polizzi, Tori Spelling, Teddy Ray, and Adam Rippon. Here’s what we know about the hosts of the show.

About Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi


“Jersey Shore” stargirl Nicole Polizzi, aka “Snooki” is the main host of MTV’s “Messyness.” 

Polizzi was announced as the host of the “Ridiculousness” spinoff after her exit from “Jersey Shore.” Reacting to the announcement in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife, Polizzi said, “I feel like it’s kind of the same thing as ‘Jersey Shore’ but not.” She later said, “It’s two totally different shows, but the same at the same time. On Jersey Shore, I get to be messy and fun and drinking, and on Messyness, I get to be fun and messy and drinking my wine. It just kind of made sense.”

Polizzi, 34, was born in Santiago, Chile but was adopted by Italian-American parents. She is a writer and producer, best known for movies like “Supernatural,” “The Three Stooges” and “Movie 43.” However, she is not just a star at acting, she also makes a great reality show cast as we have seen on “Jersey Shore,” “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” and “Messyness.”  

Here’s a fun fact about Polizzi. The reality TV star got the nickname, “Snooki,” for being the first to kiss a boy among her group of female besties in middle school. 

About Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

Born in Los Angeles, Tori Spelling is the daughter of Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling and author Candy Spelling. 

Spelling had an early start to show business, appearing on several of her father’s shows in the 70s with her brother, Randy Spelling. Her first major role came when she featured in the teen drama, “Beverly Hills, 90210” as Donna Martin. She has since gone on to appear in several television films like “A Friend to Die For,” “A Carol Christmas” and “Kiss the Bride.” She repeated her role in “Beverly Hills, 90210” in its spinoff series, “BH90210” in 2019.

Spelling has five children, all of which were with her second spouse, Dean McDermott. She had been previously married to Charlie Shanian but the couple divorced in 2006.

About Adam Rippon

Adam Rippon

Born November 11, 1989, Adam Richard Rippon is a retired American figure skater. During his active years, Rippon won on the biggest stages in the sport. Earlier in his career, he won the 2007/2008 Junior Grand Prix Final. Rippon was also the winner of the 2008 U.S Figure Skating Championship and World Junior Championship winner. 

More recently, the figure skater won an Olympic bronze medal with the United States of America figure skating team at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea — the first openly declared U.S gay athlete to win a medal at the Olympics. 

Rippon announced his retirement in November 2018. In the same year, he was named among Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of the year. Earlier in 2018, he competed in the American dance competition, “Dancing With the Stars,” alongside Jenna Johnson, his dance partner — the duo won the competition. 

Following a successful career in figure skating, Rippon has turned to acting. His first project came in 2018 when he featured as a guest star in the NBC Figure Skating project, “Will & Grace.” Two years later, Rippon appeared in an episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do?” We wish him all the best in his new career.

According to a post on his Instagram handle, the actor got married to his longtime lover, Jussi-Pekka Kajaala on December 31, 2021.

About Teddy Ray

Teddy Ray

Teddy Ray is one of America’s hottest stand-up comedians and no doubt a legend in the making. The Los Angeles-born comedian, writer, and actor is best known for his role in “How to Be Broke” and his appearances in “All Def Digital,” Russell Simmons’ comedy platform. 

Ray’s stride in the comedy industry continued with a feature in season eight of MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out,” and now as co-host on “Messyness.” Certainly, Teddy Ray is meant for the big stage and there is more to come from him. 

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