Fans of America’s Next Top Model are some the loudest and proudest in reality TV history. At its height, ANTM was one of UPN’s top rated programs. It also has the honor of being the first program to air on The CW after the networks’ merger. From Tyra’s iconic match-off with Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson (“I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!”) to the crowning of the show’s very first deaf winner, Cycle 22’s Nyle DiMarco, there’s plenty that ANTM fans will fondly remember. We asked ANTM fans what they’ll miss most about the groundbreaking modeling series, and we received a flood nostalgic responses.

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“… ANTM has been a must watch, can’t miss… You took what many consider flaws and defects and taught everyone that beauty comes in all sizes and all colors and shades. Thank you so much Tyra for a great ride and the life lessons that I’ve tried to pass on to my daughters.” – Lori 

“…Tyra, Ms J, Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker…” – Paulette

“The art involved. I really love the shoots. I love how ordinary people can look amazing, how accessorizing can totally change a look, how the photographer staged each shoot. Like Vogue, only in real life. I also love how often my choices for winners were correct! I really hope somehow it can continue, or that someone at least will attempt an approximation. I will miss it SO much.” – Cynthia

“The amazingness, the fierceness, the great attitudes, the progressive mindsets, the acceptance, the beauty found in differences, the strength, the brains, the breaking of boundaries, and the beautiful people and what they stand for! One of my favorite shows ever! – Chiara

“The process as a whole. I just really wish you did an All Male Cycle…” – Jordan

“I liked Cycle 12 and All-Stars because of Miss Allison Harvard.” – Jhan

“I’ll miss the beautiful contestants… and Tyra with her different looks. Like the pixie cut…” – Francine

“My favorite photo shoots were the bald mannequin look and the freak circus.” – Debra

“Tyra is a great role model. It was nice to see LGBT’s representing and also Nyle representing people with disabilities.” – Yoshi

“The high fashion photo shoots, the creative runway shows, the go-see challenges, the unique beauty of some models, etc. We will all miss this show a lot. Thank you, Tyra, for all those great years. We’ll always love ANTM.” – Madden

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Just hours before the models work the runway in tonight’s series finale, let us know: What are you going to miss most about America’s Next Top Model?

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What is your favorite moment of ANTM history?

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