Last week, Survivor: Cambodia lost Joey Amazing, but there are still seven people vying for the million dollars. Will the ladies pull together an all girls alliance, or will Tasha stick to to Jeremy and Spencer? Let’s find out.

Witches Coven Reborn?

Well, the last Tribal Council was curtains for Joe, and Abi, for one, is not too upset about it. She says that she’s happy that he’s gone. And everyone else agrees that it’s cool that someone else can finally win immunity.

Keith was shocked to be left out of the loop at the last vote. He says he wishes he’d known they were voting for Joe and he would have voted with him. His vote for Tasha though has definitely clued her in. She’s keeping an eye on Keith going forward.

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It’s Day 33 and of the seven people left, three are from San Juan del Sur (Keith, Kelley and Jeremy). Not only that, they were all on the same original tribe in their first season. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re even working together. Spencer and Jeremy are concerned about the looming women’s alliance and Jeremy already regrets getting rid of Joe. They agree that they have to make sure they have Tasha and Kimmi. Spencer thinks he’s seeing his game slip away once again, and of course that’s frustrating to him.

Repeat Champion

For the first challenge of the evening, the Survivors are attached to rope that they have to untangle. Then they have to use pegs to build a bridge. Once they’re across the bridge, they have to throw sandbags to knock blocks off a table, all the while making sure they have enough slack on the rope they’re attached to to maneuver. The first one to finish wins an overnight trip back to the Cambodian temples where they started the game.

This challenge was run before in, you guessed it, San Juan del Sur, and Keith won it. And honestly, it’s his challenge from the beginning. While everyone else keeps running out of rope, Keith displays his expertise and he nails all of the blocks off his table before anyone else has the chance to make it close.

Jeff tells Keith to choose a person to bring with him on reward. Keith chooses Kelley because she chose him after she won the last challenge. Fair enough. It’s when he has to pick a second person is where he stumbles. He picks Spencer, but admits that there’s no real logic to it. He says he feels bad for him that he didn’t go on the last reward with his girlfriend, all due respect to Jeremy and Tasha (whose name he can’t even remember). And that’s Keith Nale in a nutshell. Completely lacking in any sort of strategy, yet somehow still here, and still winning challenges.

Tasha’s a little peeved that Keith couldn’t remember her name after being one of the 20 people he’s been living with for the last 33 days. But she’s not bummed to be left out of the reward. She knows that she can go to work on the rest of the people left back at camp.

At camp, Abi throws out Keith’s name to go next because he’s a challenge threat. Jeremy is hesitant because all of a sudden all he can think of is the “women’s alliance” that is currently nothing but rumored. Tasha is bummed that Jeremy doesn’t think he can trust her. She knows you need trusted allies at this point in the game (despite all the previous talk of voting blocs) and if Jeremy can’t get on board, he’s going to miss the ship.

Abi is causing more consternation at camp (surprise, surprise), but she’s not ashamed. She knows she’s a villain, and villains have more fun. Tasha tries to talk to Jeremy without her, but she takes offense. Tasha proposes to Jeremy that maybe they should get rid of Abi next instead of Keith. Of course Jeremy feels better about that because then it will be a girl going home instead of a guy. They just need to get Spencer and one more person to vote with them.

But Spencer is making is own plans at the reward. While they all enjoy the beauty and mystery of the Cambodian temples not to mention a good meal, Keith, Kelley and Spencer also make their own final three deal. They think Tasha should be the next one to go because Jeremy is too expected. That also benefits Spencer because it would potentially break up that ladies’ alliance. They just need to get a fourth person on board; the only problem is that fourth person would be Abi, and we all know just how unpredictable she can be.

Staying Above Water

For the immunity challenge, the Survivors have to race across a series of water obstacles. Then they have to retrieve a key from a buoy and race back to the beach over the same obstacles. Then they have to use the key to unlock puzzle pieces and solve a puzzle.

The water obstacles are extremely taxing. Spencer keeps falling off in spectacular ways and then has to go back to the beginning of the obstacle. But even with that, he manages to stay toe-to-toe with Jeremy.

The two of them get back the beach first and start working on their puzzle around the same time. But it only takes Spencer 15 seconds to solve the puzzle (that Brains Tribe finally comes through) and he wins immunity.

Poor Tasha cannot catch her breath in the water. She’s struggling and then starts to panic so Jeff calls for the safety team to come rescue her. Once she’s out of the water, medical says she’s going to be okay. She’s just had an adrenaline rush, but once she gets back to normal she’ll be fine. She says she just ran out of energy and couldn’t keep herself afloat, but she gave it everything she had.

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Weak vs. Strong

Everyone’s glad to see that Tasha’s okay. She takes a walk to clear her head because not only is she exhausted, she’s concerned about tonight’s vote. She suspects (correctly) that Kelley, Keith and Spencer might have bonded at the reward and may be targeting her.

Keith talks to Abi, Kelley and Spencer about voting for Tasha. Abi agrees to go along with it as long as it’s not her.

Tasha then tells Spencer that they can’t let Kelley, Abi and Keith get to the end on a season like this because it would be a disservice to a weak player win Second Chances and let down the fans who voted them in. Excuse me? They all got voted to play again, same as you Miss Tasha. I have a real problem with Tasha’s attitude. Taking a goat to the end is a smart game move, not a disservice to fans.

Spencer is now caught in the middle of two alliances that he promised final three to. Either way, he’s screwing someone over tonight which will probably not look good in front of a jury, granted he makes it that far.

Tribal Council

Spencer and Keith talk about how special the reward was and how great it was to feel connected to the country. But Spencer knows the majority of people were left back at camp and it was a long time to be away.

Kimmi says that whether or not someone has an idol is always up for discussion. She says, “Do we have enough votes to split the vote?” Jeff points out that she used the word “we” referring to a possible alliance. The only problem is that everyone thinks they have a “we” and they’re not going to know until after the vote whose “we” will reign supreme.

Jeff asks if anyone is 100% confident that their “we” will come out on top. Keith says that he feels like he has every reason to believe in his people tonight. Spencer shakes his head because he thinks Keith is being foolish. He’s still nervous because while having immunity for the evening is good for tonight, if it doesn’t go his way, things will be bad tomorrow.

To the Vote!

Abi votes for Keith, Keith and Kelly vote for Tasha, and the four in the majority vote for Abi. Abi-Maria’s torch is finally extinguished from the game, just when it was looking like she’d somehow sneak all the way to the end as a goat. I’m sure she’ll get a warm welcome from the jury at Ponderosa… well… maybe not.

Next week is the season finale of Survivor: Cambodia! Six is a big number to be going to the finale with. Maybe a Final Four is on the horizon? We’ll find out!

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